As I dragged myself out of bed at 4.30am in the morning for some milk production business, I was having a mind full of gripes, and still reeling from fatigue. Because I had such a long and uneventful day, and that I was really more tired than I should be.

Everyone was asleep in the household. My uncles and aunt were in the house and as I tip-toed across them to get to the kitchen.. I was in a semi-state of self pity. Because I was the last person to sleep the night before and while everyone is STILL sleeping, here I am trooping off to the kitchen to was the bottles and breast pumps after I am done.

Midway through the deed, my uncle woke and popped into the kitchen to use the bathroom.. And when he saw me, he went…

you have been washing since last night eh!

I just have to laugh. At the hilarity of it. Because he did see me washing right before he headed off to bed earlier, and here I am…STILL washing when he woke.

While i haven’t been standing at the sink for non stop cleaning action, the bit humor just made my night slightly better, and the gripes in my head just disappeared.

Some times, I think all we need is just a bit of laughter to trudge on. Ok. Nights out.

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