We attended zach’s 2nd birthday last Sunday. Time flies! I still remembered the day when he was born at Thomson and der & me went visiting. Last year, I attended his 1st party alone because der was stuck in camp and I was then newly preggers. Has a year since passed?

Thomas and friends cake from pine gardens for the birthday boy. So cute! He gets to choose the train he wants from the cake.

The birthday boy and mummy.

As a family. I only managed to snap some candid shots of them. I think everything just swished past and the next thing I know.. The cake was cut, it was pouring quite a bit with rather strong winds blowing in our faces and raindrops everywhere.. Everyone was dispersing and before I realized it, people were leaving and I didn’t have a chance to take some pictures!

Ok. I confess. I was there quite late too, although just in time for a quick catch up before the cake cutting. I blame my postpartum memory loss. We were out already and suddenly the husband asked if I brought the present and I went.. Oh shite! Yeah, we did a u-turn back to grab that present because I think the birthday boy would want his Thomas the train present.

I missed Feli and Ruth. Did you girls come? And then I met rach & dex for the first time (hi hi! Nice meeting you guys!!) and the husband was really impressed with Abel. He’s as big as Jerry and is sooo chubby and cute! The husband promptly carried the baby and he likes him cos he’s so cuddly. Abel feels so solid and if it left me wondering if my Jerry was malnutrient! He’s a super skinny one for his age.

Here’s dex carrying the 2 babies together. Special thanks to dex and rach for helping to babysit my son while we grabbed some food!

Managed to do a quick catch up with Linus, said hi to April and evonne and Simon (haven’t seen him in eons!), chatted a bit with ting (and managed to return her her pinafore which I borrowed last year!!!!) and watching my baby being passed from arms to arms!! It was a pleasure seeing my son smiling to everyone and it was a break for the husband and me while I sat back and enjoyed his smiles from afar.

Here’s jasmine’s carrying Jerry who was doing a really cute pout, and probably wondering why this Jie Jie is taking picture of me! Picture courtesy of Eileen.

I love love love her pictures. She snapped jerry twice and both pictures are equally gorgeous!

Here’s Jerry doing a hi-five. His hood is up because the winds are really strong and there were raindrops all over so I kept my baby covered up. Many thanks to Eileen snapping these.. I just kept staring at my baby!

There were many kiddos at the party but unfortunately my jerry is too young to be running about and screaming with the rest.. Nonetheless, I think he enjoyed the company of the pretty Jie jies that carried him around.

We took a quick tour of the new abode and it was tastefully done with exquisite furnishings (looks really expensive and posh) and lightings and jerry had a quick play at zach’s thomas and friends trains. I don’t know if I’m inevitably fueling my son’s interest in the trains by doing that.

It was fun and thanks gary & wenmei for inviting us over. The girls are gonna do a babies/kiddo playdate again next weekend and I’m sure it’s gonna fun fun fun. Looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, I’m snoozing in bed. I have been extremely tired lately, and I just can’t get enough rest regardless how much sleep I clock in. Can someone put some batteries in my system? That would be much easier. Thank you.

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