i am extremely tired. not sure why. completely zonked and zero inspiration + motivation to blog.

but still, blog i shall cos there are stuff i wanted to say and leave here, just for memory’s sake.

met up with jiahui and yihui for dinner last nite at J8. it was fun, nattering through the night, talking about work, shopping and being the last 3 customers in seiyu. hee. expecting me to say i carried home loads of shopping bags?

Nah. i didnt buy anything, except for a couple of pens from popular to replace the LOST ones and a tiny tablet shaped casing to fit my memory sticks. was comtemplating a pair of jeans from giodano but the girls say i looked funny in it. well, shall think about it further. was lingering around the apple store and wanted to buy the casing with armband for my ipod, to motivate myself to go jogging. i couldnt decide so we walked off to check the rest of the stuff out. when i eventually decided to head back to grab it, the store’s closed.

maybe its fate. hee.

yihui’s going BATAM tomorrow! on the job! how cool. when will i get to travel like them all? nah, shant compare. make myself miserable only.

and girl, have a safe trip and report strength when u are back alright? take care and miss ya!

raphael cheered up gloomy afternoon up just by chatting with me. sometimes, the best cure to get things off my mind is to talk nonsense to me, or topics totally unrelated to the source of my gloom. and we were talking how i should improve myself as an individual cos he simply refused to tell me what he didnt like about me!

ok, so here are the suggestions (in my own words cos i cannot remember the exact details!):

1. try to be more sociable. talk to strangers even tho i may not feel like it.
2. try not to swear so much cos continuing impression counts (think he was indirectly trying to hint me that he’s getting more and more turned off that i kept swearing. hee, i dont think i want to turn him on either but i just want to say, i think i only swear that much when im with him. dont ask me why! i secretly think its cos he swears a lot too…)
3. try to accept things more with an open mind and adjust my mentality about it (i.e. my work)

and so, that’s about it. at least what i can remember. surprising to anyone of you? ha!

ok, so im opening up chances for you to help me improve myself! quick post comments on how i should improve! i promise i will accept everything that has been painstakingly thought about and posted… and i will work on it!

i’m gonna attend a seminar by IDA at suntec tomorrow morning, so i wont be in the office the whole morning. i reckon it to be at least 3pm before i am back in the office. so, msn pals, dont miss my presence! i wonder if i’ll meet the ap comm bunch tomorrow at the seminar. it didnt cross my mind to ask suleen about it till just moments ago but she’s not the type to be online at this hour.

sigh. not going to msg her tho. shall see for myself tomorrow. i am suddenly reminded of the days when i worked for ap comm. it’s seems like yesterday with the memory so fresh, working for a IDA event as well. wow! time flies. it’s 2 years since then.

AhhhH! i am growing so old! and it doesnt really help when i keep getting wedding invitations. it’s a constant reminder that im of marriageable age.

ok. time to bed. i need to work on project ding dong as well.

nite people!