It’s 1 December and the last month of the year! I love December for the rainy, dreamy days, the cool weather, the lovely lights at Orchard Road, and all that lovely, chirpy jingles that fills the air whenever I go and all the happiness that it brings! Which means…Christmas is almost here!! I have an announcement to make! Do you remember this picture from last year?


If you don’t, go read about the 12 days of Christmas giveaway to find out more. If you do… the exciting part is, this year the M.I.C.E mummies is back with another Christmas giveaway! Don’t know who M.I.C.E mummies are? *Hint* View the picture below! It’s ME of cos!

M (Mabel), I (Irene), C (Cherie), E (Estella) mummies

M (Mabel), I (Irene), C (Cherie), E (Estella) mummies

Super cute picture of us taken during Jerome’s 1st birthday, with all my DIY photo booth props! So, long story short, we have loads of items to give away because the Christmas season is all about the joy of giving. Each of us will be giving 3 items out to our wonderful readers who have been sticking around, and following us for so long. Thank you for being you!

So, from RIGHT NOW leading up to Christmas eve, there will be things to win on all our blogs, so go check it out! Mabel starts first on the 1st December. Go. read. her. blog. now. 

Cherie: You don’t need my blog address do you?

Remember, do keep checking our blogs and there will be something new….. every 2 days! The next giveaway is on Irene’s blog on the 3 Dec and mine on the 5 Dec. Geddit geddit? Have fun checking out all the giveaways and thank you for reading!

P.s. My first giveaway will be published on Friday (5 Dec), so do remember to check my blog and social media platforms that day!