Merry Christmas everybody!!

Hi there, if you have hopped by from the old blog, thank you for reading me. I know there have been quite a bit of silent readers on this blog all these years, but i guess people are generally shy to say hi or comment, so i only know a handful of you people. I hope to be able to connect better with whoever’s reading so don’t be shy to say HI!

Christmas is all about giving and sharing, so this christmas… in celebration of Christmas and the fact that i finally moved into my own domain (like finally, because i have been thinking about it for years!), I’ll be hosting 12 days of GIVEAWAY for you. It’s a collaboration between myself and 3 other mummy bloggers friends that i have met and gotten to know a lot better in the past 1 year. I love how motherhood and blogging have brought me loads of precious friendship and (emotional) support.

Isn’t it how strangers just click and connect through a virtual space and move on to being real friends in life? If you are reading this and nodding away, thank you for reading all of my nonsense! So yup, back to the giveaway..

M.I.C.E 12 Days of GIVEAWAY! 

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

What’s M.I.C.E? I can so hear you asking that. M.I.C.E stands for Mabel, Irene, Cherie & Estella! The 4 of us will be doing a giveaway blog train and it starts today on Mabel’s blog (so go check her blog out.. but wait! finish reading first!!). It will move on to Irene’s blog on the 2nd day of Christmas, mine on the 3rd day and Estella on the 4th day. The cycle repeats again at Mabel’s blog on the 5th day, all the way to the 12th day of Christmas!

Each day, there are stuff to be won.. we have loads of stuff to giveaway. Some of them giveaway items are branded and worth quite a bit but i’m not revealing them yet! Just keep checking out blogs to participate in the giveaway! Oh, i forgot.. here’s the introduction to Mabel, Irene & Estella!

Singapore Mom Bloggers - Estella, Cherie, Mabel & Irene

The M.I.C.E – Estella, Cherie, Mabel & Irene at the Philips Airfryer Event

I got to know Mabel from a workshop and somehow, she was the only person that i talked to and kept in contact via FB. Thereafter, our paths kept crossing and well, i guess its fate! I got to know Irene from the Singapore Mom Blogger group and she was the friendly nice lady whom i felt really comfortable to talk to and well, we just connected from there. As for Estella, we both go back a long way to school! We used to be school mates but lost contact as we graduated and now, we found each other back! More of their introduction below.

Mabel – Mom to 2 adorable kids and runs her own party favors business from home . Other than the daily musing of family life, Mabel also often blog about things that interest her. A photo enthusiast that believes that a moment caught on camera are memories to last a lifetime.

Blog: | FB: AmazinglyStill | Company: www.PartyFavors.Sg


Irene – One word, Supermom. Irene never fails to amaze me with her wealth of knowledge, she knows everything from motherhood to SEO to property! She manages 3 kids all by herself while her husband jets around the world for work. She seems to be forever on a quest to learn something new. She is also a qualified manicurist and a make-up artist, and oh, one of the official bloggers for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013! 

Blog: | FB: Singapore Mom Blogs Facebook Page


Estella – Mama to a little girl named Joy, Estella is learning to cook, teach and bring up the love of her life. Estella loves make up, shoes, food and travelling and has recently returned to life as an occasional singer/host with Live, Oh Life!

Blog:    FB: SoOddlyDreamlike


So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Mabel’s blog NOW NOW NOW!