today, everyone in Singapore celebrates the nation’s birthday. I really love Singapore and how we grow and prosper year on year. I don’t think I would ever find another better country to stay in. sure, I love travelling and have been to quite a number of countries but nowhere beats home. Singapore is such a great country to stay in. its so safe (in comparison to others), so efficient, handicap and kids friendly everywhere, good public transport, great infrastructure and all, plus our tax is relatively low. sure, its not perfect but believe me, it a lot better than many many places!


I have have really silent on the blog front, because I have been soooooo tired since I came back from the trip. work, the house, and life in general. I have been try to play catch up for time I ain’t around so I am so knackered daily, I could barely survive and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the long weekend.

i also took the opportunity to pack everyone to the new abode for a staycation, just so we could get used to being alone with our kids for a bit. im being a little overachiever here because I also took the opportunity to move quite a bit of stuff, clean up the house further and running more errands for the house and making it more and more like a home. so far so good.

our beds are not here yet, pending the confirmation of the mover. the curtains are also missing, else everything is in live-in condition. Jerry’s new bed has not been delivered yet as well (currently no stock) so all we have was his mattress and the playroom carpet. jerry slept on his own bed while we slept on the carpet. we used our new sheets as curtains (clipped it on the window grills with clothes pegs) for some privacy and packed all into the kids’ room to sleep. the picture above was last night when all the kids slept. it was one of the most relaxing night I had in a while. being in your own home really feels different.


and today also marks the first time that we lost jerry. and it so happened that he wasn’t wearing his road ID tag so I was really feeling flustered. he kept running away thinking its funny and I was carrying Jerome while the pushing a trolley. I just turned my back and said something to the husb, only to turn back and find him missing. gasps! I walked around the area a bit and couldn’t find him, activated the husb to look instead and we both couldn’t find him at all! I made the husb to go approach the staff for help and to make an announcement and every ticking second, all I felt was fear. fear that I’ll never see him ever again. thank goodness I instagramed the kids in the morning so I knew exactly what he was wearing.


and I kept walking in circles around IKEA in a daze, hoping to spot him. when I did, I screamed! because he was so far away, there were so many people between us and I was still carrying Jerome and pushing a trolley filled with stuff that I couldn’t abandon because the diaper bag, my bag and the husb’s ipad were inside. sigh. I even overheard people beside me giving me the stinker stare and one lady went, “need to shout so loud anot?!”.


the family carrying jerry was headed towards the lift and when I finally managed to run and squeeze through the crowds, the lift door closed on me. jerry did spot me through the transparent glass doors and the family seemed glad to see us united. I signalled that I’ll head downstairs as well so I quickly called the husb to pass the news that I found him. when I finally took the next lift down, all I saw was the husb carrying jerry and the family was no where in sight. I wasn’t able to thank them personally, but I am really, really, super thankful. its almost impossible that they are reading this space, but if you are, thank you very much for spotting my kid and bringing him to the announcement counter. I was soooo worried, I didn’t know what to think and what to do. you guys really saved my day.


and jerry probably had a scare because he was in tears when I saw him. I do hope that he learn a lesson out of today’s episode and not think its funny to run away from us. and I do hope that the husband would also remember his ID tag the next time we are out. as for me, I learnt that I should always check and insist that he wears the tag. sometimes, its really hard to watch out for so many things when you have 2 kids in tow. and so, this is one national day that I would remember for a long time to come.

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