life these days is pretty much all about packing.


all the boys are asleep right now. I am
pretty much as tired as they are and very sleepy but my mind is racing, checking off all the to-do list and trying to pack.


pack up my life. heh.



some of my bags, all going into carton boxes for the husb to bring over to the new nest. while I’m away, he could slowly bring my stuff over bit by bit so I am trying to be productive and pack in whatever I think he can bring over first.


and speaking about me being away, its less than 48hours now and I am also desperately trying to pack my luggage.

think I am about 70% packed. the rest of the stuff will be in last min on Friday – all the gadget chargers, breast pumps, cameras, and other stuff that I need to use daily.


and for the first time ever, I’m a little worried about leaving for a trip. that I’ll leave behind 2 kids and the husband. I hope the husb can survive it. the 10 days that I’ll be away.


honestly, I’m more tired than excited. but.. I guess I can look forward to uninterrupted sleep while I am away. I haven’t had that for a long time now!


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