its been a month since my last update! the house have been renovated progressively and we have been checking it every week. the husband some times check it consecutively a few days when he happens to be in the area!


it has changed quite significantly since!

the first thing that was done were the aircon trunking, eletrical stuff, false ceiling, then the floors and the grills. the entire house is also given a white wash of paint.

the kitchen cabinet are next! and the slowly, the wardrobes and all the rest of the carpentry works.

everything is still work in progress, but all carpentry works are done. there’s just a couple of final touches, some tweaks to the mistakes we spotted, the toilet vanity, my big mirror in the hall, the lightings and a coat of colored paint on selected walls and we are done!


the house is slowly coming into shape and we are quite excited. still, I think we probably wont move it that soon. gotta air the house and rid the wood/paint smell first in case it stings their little eyes!


I hope everything will turn out nice!