this is a topic that i feel very strongly about. after living so many years (i almost revealed my age! HAHA) being a student, being in the work force, getting married, having kids… i just feel. nothing else matters other than happiness.

i met this bunch of students with a lot of passion some time back in the course of my work. I could relate strongly to what they wanted to do, how much they felt for their final year project, and how, they wanted to make a difference.

and here’s a video of their hardwork. and i was glad to have met them. they reminded me about happiness.


everyone has a different definition of happiness. for me, it means staying close to my family, spending time together and doing the things that i love. and yes, i am slowly inching towards my goal and i want to just say…. there are times you feel that its impossible, there are times where you feel discouraged and that the world is against you. hold on to your hope, and never lose sight of it. make little small steps if you find it too daunting. you gonna just try it. keep trying, many times.

the video spoke to me. try every possible means..every possible way.

if you want it badly, you’ll do that naturally. and that’s when, you’ll see the flicker of light becoming a larger beam of light and then, happiness will come your way.

I hope everyone can find their happiness and start living their lives.