2 days ago, I popped out for a while to get myself pampered. Helps that it was only a stone’s throw away and ultra convenient.

I got express manicure done! I should have opt for the full one, but nah, had the muffin duties and was rushing out for a dinner.

Happy toes! Probably the last pedicure I can do in a long while! Sane time next week, I’ll probably be in hospital or doing my confinement!

And nope, didn’t do the manicure since I need to remove before popping into the hospital. Would be a waste of time and money. Errmm. Actually, my pretty toes also only get to see the light at home.. Suddenly it makes no sense too! Lol.

Anyway, I love it that my feet ain’t swollen at all. helps to drink loads of water!!

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