a quick check and *gasps* its been a long long while since i did a post on my manicures. my last post dated aug 26 last year had me mentioning that it would probably be one of the last pedicure that i’ll be doing in a while, and it kinda gave hints to many about the pregnancy.


while it wasnt really my last pedicure (i still attempted to paint them thereafter) but i didnt think it was a good job done (cant really see properly with the tummy in the way) and i got way too tired to even find time to blog.


at the same time, i have also moved on to attempting gelish nails these days so i could feel scorn coming from all my normal polishes everytime i reach for the gelish ones. (ok, its my imagination)


here’s some manicures i have done for the past few months, starting from the one i just painted a couple of hrs ago. i change them out on an average of 2 weeks since my nail growth is rather fast and that they always peel at edges for me lately. i suspect its the amount of washing i do daily!

‘heart’ tips (except that i don’t have round nails) lined with glitter.

dark navy french tips with glitter overlay. you probably cant tell but i had 3 different glitter polish in there!

pink gradient nails with a thin coat of glitter at the tips.

red color nails with multi-coloured glitter. this was done for cny, just for the mood because i was in confinement during that period.

this was a before and after picture that i posted on instagram. i painted pink/grey zebra tips for a jungle themed birthday party for one of my friend’s son but ended up in the hospital delivering jerome that week. what a pity. before that i had simple black half moon tips. was trying half moon tips using gelish for the first time and i found it tricky due to the viscosity of the polish.

i wore red for christmas as well. simply because i was gifted the above polish for christmas!

turquiose nails. really love the bright pop of the color. didnt do any nail art because i wasnt as confident with gelish then. this is one of the first few gelish polish i painted and i never looked back since.


the manicure below is done with the regular polish. this is deborah lippmann lady sings the blues.

and yup, thats all i have of my manicures. the rest of the pictures are on my iphone and im too lazy to transfer them for now.


which of the above do you like? unfortunately, i cant spare the time to try the more elaborate nail art so im am going to keep them simple for a (long) while.