It’s been a while since i last did my nails! Life really got the better of me for the first few months of 2014, but I reckon that busyness is good and I have never been in a better place than now. Am happy every day and I love it!

This is probably one of the longest stretch in my life with bare nails (I usually cannot stand the sight of them), but i wore bare nails since my CNY nails! That’s like > 3 months?!

I got inspired by a random picture of someone’s manicure one day and decided to get my fingers working. I don’y really have a lot of pastels in my nail stash and I spent a lot of time trying to put together 5 colors that can pass off as pastels.

Polka dots on multi-colored pastels and half moons manicure

My manicure – Polka dots on multi-colored pastels and half moons

Is it nice? I’m still trying to perfect the free hand half moons, especially using gelish nail polish. Gelish polish are a lot trickier to draw than the normal ones (they do bleed quite often depending on the nail polish consistency). I just have to keep practicing!

multi-coloured manicure

Loving the multi-coloured manicure!

Closed up shot of the half moons manicure

Closed up shot of the half moons manicure

Pastel coloured manicure

Totally loving all the colors!

What do you think? Do you like it?

Meanwhile, I really got to paint often to perfect that half moons and my dotting consistency. The dots are all in various sizes and all over. Now, how do I get the 2 kids out of the picture to enjoy my me-time? LOL.

Nail colours used:
1. AngelPro Gelly Polish #38
2. ProGel SuperNail Gel Polish (Yacht Club)
3. ProGel SuperNail Gel Polish (Lavender Bouquet)
4. ProGel SuperNail Gel Polish (Sea Foam)
5. AngelPro Gelly Polish #24
6. Harmony Gelish Gel Polish (Sheek White) for dotting

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P.s. my hands are totally showing my age these days. I need SKII for them!