I re-did my nails again! Probably one of the shortest time I wore my polish. It’s only been a week since the last!

Anyway, I couldn’t stand it because my nails were a tad long and I confess that I really can’t quite stand typing with long nails. Man, it’s painful! I really must give it to those who can do it. I actually have a nail clipper in the office to clip off my nails in times of emergency and a nail buffer to buff it after! Yes, I am quite extreme.

Anyhow, it was hurting quite a bit for the past week at work so I had to cut them short and changed out the nail color at the same time!

Inspired by Jen who has been working hard on her nails and aspiring to draw strawberries as nail art, I wanted to give it a shot and see how I fare, only to realize I don’t quite have the correct colours and decided to make do with watermelon since my greens are all of darker shade.

It’s my first attempt, what you think? I think it was fine till I started drawing the seeds and blotched it all up!

Besides, I dug high and low for my paintbrushes that I used to use for nail art using acrylic, but I have no idea where they went and I ended up using a toothpick.

My long nails.

My shorter nails that were cut, filed and buffed. I don’t know why but I had those white spots on my nail bed ever since I was a kid.. My mum says its a deficiency in something, but I never knew what.. Do you have them too? Or can someone enlighten me the cause of these white spots?

My strengthener. Doubling up as base coat!

Paint a bright pink as base color.

Paint green French tips for the skin of the watermelon. Notice that i took a shot of my right hand instead? I was overly enthusiastic and proceeded to the next step on my left hand and forgot to snap a picture!

Use a tiny paint brush and paint another darker green to create the watermelon stripes. They are not very obvious here, but these are the colors that I currently own.. Also, I didn’t have a paint brush on hand and I used a toothpick and an orange stick. It’s not very smooth after using a toothpick (there are tiny ripples if you look carefully), but the eventual top coat could fix/smoothens it out. or at least seche vite does.

Add a layer of semi-translucent white color in between to create the white layer between the skin and flesh of the watermelon. I did this last, but realized that I should have painted this then layered on the green.. It’s ok if it’s not very neat, because you never quite see straight lines distinction in the actual watermelons anyway.

Dotting on the seeds. The first attempt on the pinky looks pretty ok. Then, I think I anyhowly did the rest and it looks horrible. Lol.

Or at least in my opinion. They didn’t pass my expectation. I used LA colors art deco black for the dots. Something that I bought online in the states a while back, and has super thin painting brushes like paint brushes. If you are following me on twitter, you might have read I very impulsively bought a whole set of 22 colors and had them shipped to Singapore. I can’t wait to get my nails on them..

Just a tip though. You might wanna wait a whole before painting the top coat after these black dots because the ‘dots’ are usually a layer of thicker polish and you dot want them to run from painting the top coat and ruin your entire nail art and effort!

Seche vite top coat makes it all look shiny and good!

The colors I used.

OPI Strawberry Margarita
Orly Orlon
OPI Jade is the new black
LA Girls Tropical (this was something I randomly picked up at the drug stores)

Are they cute? Let me know what you think!

Actually, after putting in the effort and painting this, I think I am too old for this kind of cutesy nail art. Sooooooo NOT me. Nevertheless, think I’m gonna try and perfect it. The resolution for year 2012 is to perfect the skill of manicure since I have always been interested in it (ever since I was in uni).

Give me your comments and let me know if there is something you want me to try out! I just might take up the challenge to motivate myself!

P.s. this post is late by 3 days. I painted my nails on Saturday.

And OH!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow to come ASAP because the husband is coming home!!

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