I had wanted to pop put for manicure & pedicure this afternoon cos my last (self) manicure has been 2 weeks ago and the new growth was quite unsightly and the polish was beginning to chip real bad. I was really lazy and was on the verge of stepping out when I guilt tripped myself.

Seeing the amount of nail polishes that I have….

I’m really not doing them any justice.. And mostly, I also feel stupid when I head out and paint on some opi colour when I already have them in the house. So I got down to hardworking mode, left the baby in the husband’s care and started on my task of pretty nails.

Removal, cutting nails, filing them down.. It’s hard work really. I always think it’s harder doing it yourself than have someone do it for you, plus you gotta up the carefulness several notches because you dont want to spoil your pretty manicured nails while painting another nail bed.

I got the feet done first.. Then the fingers and almost 2 hours after I started, I had these!

I wanted to paint an opi red or a colour club pink, but the husband picked out this raspberry pink from revlon that I recently purchase on my trip to the US from my stash. I happened to pass the aisle while looking for polish removers in walmart and spotted this pretty colour and thought it was very nice! I haven’t been buying the usual beauty brands polishes for a long time ever since I became an opi convert many years back so it was one rare purchase, mainly aided by the low price. This was 3 bucks or less if I remembered correctly and I love that it was scented!

The amazing bit was, it was very smooth to paint, glides on nicely and even with one coat, it looks great! The brush makes application easy and I did 2 coats anyway. It didn’t take long to dry and I love love the gloss that it has (picture taken without top coat) and of cos, the sweet smelling fingers I got after.. It has this really sweet raspberry scent!

Hmm.. Makes me look at the polish in wonder. And I can’t stop smelling my fingers!! It’s smells really yummy!

Revlon raspberry capture (350).

I wonder if the same range is sold in Singapore. Am definitely gonna give them a second look when I’m at the pharmacies but I doubt I’ll buy them in Singapore though. The price is so not worth it, I could easily buy another bottle of OPIs in the states!

By the way, the husband gets to choose my nail polish colour today because we are going to attend the wedding of his cousin tonight! I gotta go get ready and dash out! The solemnization is at 7pm!!

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