love. my love. he is soooooo friggin’ cute and adorbs. and a squishy, warm bundle that I so love coming home to everyday. he’s so cheery!


let me enjoy all of it while it last. I know that’s gonna change in time to come.




mean while, my nerves are pretty much fried with jerry these days and he is a total sobbing mess every. other. minute. he. is. awake. i had to grit my teeth so many times today and he’s super testing my patience (which i obviously is on a low tank). I screamed, shouted, rationalised, ignored, stayed away and told myself his bad behaviour is due to his sickness but nothing worked. I had the urge to throw him into the dustbin downstairs earlier but thankfully, I look at Jerome and this smiley face.. all is good again.


<3 <3

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