In anticipation of me returning to work real soon, I have kinda set into a worker bee mode in getting all the chores around me done and doing whatever I could to make the transition better.

One more week to go.

Today, it’s freezer cleaning day. The dedicated freezer for my breast milk has accumulated so much frost, it’s getting very hard to pull and put back the drawers and some of the milk bags are getting stuck by the frost, making removal a hassle. It has got so thick, I couldn’t stand the sight of it!

I forgot to take a picture of it though. Was too busy shifting all the milk into the ice boxes in lightning speed to prevent it from melting.

Thank goodness for my brother’s fishing hobby. These huge ice boxes come into really good use (and the anal me had to give it a good sniff and ensure there is absolute zero smell before using it). The 1.5L coke bottle is there for comparison sake. Heh.

Frost meltdown. To speed up the process, I used a hair dryer for the deed after powering down the freezer. There is soooooo much water that my mum was busy helping me wipe so I could only take a picture when we were almost done.

Gave it a thorough wipe down and ensure the freezer is dry, washed all the drawers and wiped them dry, power up the freezer and back to packing them back. In equal lightning speed. It’s tiring, menial work. My back so hurts and thank goodness for my mum’s help, else it might just take the entire afternoon doing it alone.

All done. Nice and neat.

And I took the opportunity to count the milk bags. It’s 230+ bags in there (even after I was away for 2 weeks where the baby survived on the frozen milk and I threw away everything I expressed). I kinda wonder when all these milk would ever deplete. As of now, my supply is still exceeding the demand even though I’m expressing at 6hrs interval. Can’t seemed to drag it any longer because it’ll leak real bad thereafter.

Guess what? I really miss the days where I could just sleep uninterrupted.

I have got guests in the house. 2 of my aunties just popped by to visit my son (unannounced) so I gotta go entertain a bit.

Looking forward to the weekend to spending time with the hubby! He’s bound for china on Sunday for a week. Boo!

More updates soon. Promise!

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