i know it doesnt seemed like it..

but guess what? i slept for 4.5hrs last night, woke at 6am to a crying baby (and engorged breasts).. fed him, burped him, changed his diapers, put him into bed (he already slept while i was burping him), started to express my milk and 10 minutes later…. Jerry projectile vomited!!!

it means, crying baby, helpless me (with breast pump still stuck to me) rushing over (reflex action) and SPILLING all the milk everywhere (bottles were almost full), screaming at hubby to wake (he was scrambling to find his glasses in semi darkness), cleaning the baby (with hubby’s help), cleaning myself up (soaked with breastmilk), changing out the entire cot sheets, rinsing them to remove the milk curds.. and when i thought all is at peace..

der picked the baby up from my bed to put him back to the cot… and to my HORROR, jerry’s clothes are soaked with urine and so is my bedsheets/bed!!

*hair pulling moment*

and i just changed my bedsheets 2 days ago.

damn that crap diaper that leaks urine. i had enough of it because it is always happening and i wanted to throw the entire pack away (because its so useless) but my mum say don’t waste it. so we have been trying to deplete it ASAP so my dear jerry has been wearing it everyday. but i really think its crap but its a gift, so maybe i should try to be appreciative but i can’t cos it has caused me much distress and i had to wash/change my stroller set liner for 2 consecutive days and even my stroller is now urine stained. am uber sore about it and i am no longer using that crap diaper when i head out (so my mum uses it at home).

well.. the hubby swore this morning too with… wtf!! throw the damn diaper away LAH!!

we had to change out our bedsheet too which is quite a mammoth task because my new serta mattress is sooooooooooo heavy!

headed for my gynae’s appt thereafter (which the husband forgot about and promised to be home early – hmmm.. where is he now?) and got scolded by this auntie that is usually very nice to me. just because she didnt see that i already gave my appt card and she thought i just went in and sit down when i have already put the card IN FRONT of her. -_-”

i got home and expressed my milk.. totally engrossed with my phone for a short moment (it was less than 10 minutes) and the next thing i know.. my milk OVERFLOWED from the bottle that i was pumping into and the milk was all over my BEDSHEET (i just changed into fresh sheets just hours ago!!). i panicked and stood up immediately, and SPILLED more milk because the pump was still pumping away and the floor is wet as well. decided to stop pumping and i unscrewed the funnel from the pump.. more milk spilled all over myself and the floor because the bottle couldnt contain it and it was brimming with milk and it came out from the funnel part of the pump.

kill me please. it was a total mess. and that happened to me a few times lately.

oh why oh why do they not give bigger bottles with the pump? i have to switch new bottles midway through expressing because it is filled. i think i am having an overflowing milk production here but i have no idea how to stop it (except applying cabbage leaves but im not risking it since it might potentially stop all production altogether). am already stretching the time between expressing the milk but nothing seems to work.

i finally took out the new 8oz bottles that i have. gonna use them while i express my milk. Jerry prolly won’t be using it for a while till he grows much bigger and increases his appetite.. argh. expressing woes.

well, i know i tend to focus on all things negative (its kinda human nature to do so – complain non stop) so here’s one HAPPY thing that happened today.

i met bernice for lunch. 🙂 a quick random one since her house is just a few steps away (ok, not that near but walking distance) and we had a great catch-up. gonna miss her when august hits. if not for my engorged breasts and the lack of nursing room at the mall (i actually had my pump with me), i would have sat there the whole afternoon with her. now that i think back, i should have CRASHED into her house and expressed milk there and check her house out (wonder if she allow me to) since she will be leaving singa-land soon.

sigh. next time, perhaps. if, there is a chance.

Today, I also realized that camwhoring is not so inherent in me anymore. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my outings these days. BOO.

//update @ 10pm.
more arsed news. i got an email from my aunt to say i have to renew my US driving license in person. its expiring on my birthday in august.

thing is, i am trying to plan a trip there but there are no tickets available at the moment, as least not any that can be swap with miles, unless i use double the miles. *sigh*

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