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Things Jerry Says #29 – Help me with the sticker.

Hello. I’m back here again. My blog has become a forgotten friend, it seems. In between, I have been busy with work (what’s new), training for a trekking trip in Nepal, doing the actual short trekking trip (my first!), training for a Spartan race, and then completing the Spartan race. I came back home today, tired, aching and badly bruised with battles scars to tell a story, but that’s the story for another day.

Amidst all these, my boy has slowly grown in many ways that I seemed to have failed to notice. This evening (while I just got home), he was asking for a piece of paper to draw something, so I opened up his art work box to take the paper only to realised that the box is in a mess. I gave him the paper he needed, and then emptied the box to do some spring cleaning […]

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Happy birthday to me.

It’s my birthday again. The last one still felt so recent. I am on leave because I don’t really like to work on my birthday! But I forgot to silent the phone when I went to bed the night before and the day started with the phone beeping non stop from my group chats with greetings from 7am onwards. *goans*

This year, I made plans to visit the TCM (gotta heal my leg fast for Nepal) and plonked myself at Starbucks for a couple of hours to do work (no choice) and waited for hubby to come pick me up to spend the afternoon together and have dinner. It was just that – simple.

Amongst the simple things, there is one particular incident that I really wanted to remember and put it down on the blog.

Jerry bought me his first present with his own money and drew me a surprise card. 

Last […]

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Conversations with the husband #17 – Just telling you only.

It’s been more than a year since I wrote about a conversation with the husband. It is not that the conversations are not happening, more like I am too tired and lazy to write them down. This morning, while we were having breakfast at our dining table…

Me: Hey, I am going to Korea with my colleagues next May. Hmm, the exact dates are 13 – 21 May.
Husband: *shows a smirk*
Me: What?
Husband: Next year, I am getting the AP diver watch.
Me: Huh? That’s so random.
Husband: No ah, just telling you only… (laughs). My trip is happening in 2 weeks and I haven’t even plan yet. You already telling me that you are going Korea next year.
Me: HAHAHHAHAA. The air ticket got promotion!

Although he didn’t say anything out, I am PRETTY SURE that he is thinking in his mind, AGAIN?!

Oh, Oh, I suddenly remember about this conversation earlier this year where

Shape Run 2016 X Skechers – 1.8KM Family Run done!


Hello! It’s been a while since I last sat myself down to blog. Life’s been busy – travels, work, and I recently picked up brush calligraphy and the piano! I hope to blog about all that soon, so do check back ok? I am still living life to the fullest and clocking in all sorts of experiences and it’s been pretty awesome so far.

Last week, the Choo Family was in the Shape Run! The kids were all psyched with the race ever since they received their new Skechers shoes some weeks back from the Skechers store in Ngee Ann City




The kids rocking in their new Skechers kicks which came with very cool flashing lights that were […]

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    Conversations with the husband #18 – My wife is a fight stewardess.

Conversations with the husband #18 – My wife is a fight stewardess.

This conversation happened earlier this year, when I was updating the husband about my travel plans. It was early January and we just got back from a 3 day holiday in Macau. It was a surprise birthday holiday that the husband knew nothing about till 48hrs before flight time. I wish I could keep the surprise till we reach the airport but unfortunately, it is not very possible with kids in the picture. There are logistics to shift them in with the gramps before the trip happens and packing their stay over bag would be a huge giveaway. Nonetheless, the husband was *still* surprised.

So, immediately after the Macau trip, while I was packing for my Korea trip that’s happening in a matter of hours then..

Me: Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am travelling to bangkok in March or April.
Husb: Huh? Again?
Me: Err.. ya..
Husb: You just came back […]

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Keeping Slim with Absolute Slimming

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Some months ago, I blogged about my journey with Absolute Slimming. I lost 4kg in a month and go read my review if you haven’t already done so! Warning though, unsightly fats in pictures might make you vomit.

I was super thrilled with the results obviously. It gave me renewed confidence, and a bigger wardrobe because I was no longer struggling to fit in my old clothes and I could wear *almost* everything I wanted.

2 months on and 3 holiday trips, I continued treatment with Absolute Slimming. After all, holidays, good food and the waistline don’t go well together. The good news is, due to the increased metabolism from the first round of treatment, I only put on about 1kg after holidaying for almost a month. Not much rebound on the weight loss.

So, I went through 8 more treatment sessions of the same drill – watching what I eat, doing cupping therapy […]

My Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh.

I haven’t done a food post in a long, long while! I spent the weekend was cooking at home so I thought, why not share it?

I don’t cook very often. The hubby much prefers to eat out because it is a lot faster and fuss free. He doesn’t get a tired wife or a dirty kitchen that needs cleaning thereafter so it is perfect for the OCD him. I honestly prefer home-cooked, healthy meals so I try to cook whenever I can.

So, presenting my (self proclaimed) awesome mee hoon kueh!

Looks yummy anot? It is actually a really simple dish to cook, but prepping it takes a bit of time. While I was cooking this, I got reminded of a mee hoon kueh “party” that I had some time ago where my friends were over at my place learning how to cook this… and I am going to share the […]

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Proposal Story – How I said “Yes”.

Eh, are you wondering why the sudden strange topic?  This blog post is part of a “Proposal Stories Blog Train” where 15 mummies will share their proposal stories on 15 different days.

So, it’s my turn today and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share because it was never documented on this blog. OMG, how did that happen right? How can I not document such a moment?! It’s true. It’s really not here.

So I will try very hard to recall the event that happened 7 years ago. The memories are vague, but it happened on my birthday weekend, or rather, the weekend before my birthday (falls on a monday that year).

I was so looking forward to the weekend, because it was going to be long weekend for me! I took leave, obviously. I don’t know when but I started the tradition of not working […]

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Checked off items on bucket list!

My blog has been quiet. But my life has been anything but boring. In fact, I have been so busy that I neglected the blog as a result. I sometimes do wonder if people read this anymore. Leave me a comment if you do.. it will definitely spur me to blog more!

So, I have clocked up quite a bit of adventures in recent months…. Taiwan, Amsterdam, Cologne, Macau, Korea, USA  and I can’t wait to blog about them. I really need to find the time amidst my work and parenting duties. And then, I was looking through my bucket list items today and realised I checked off quite a few!

Here’s what I checked off!

1. Visit Grand Canyon. 

Checked this off in February this year when I headed to the US with the husband. Grand Canyon is so grand and amazing, I wish I did more than just a day trip. I […]

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Things Jerry say #28 – Ah! I know!

So Jerome has been rather expressive and talks a lot more fluently lately. It is somewhat a joy to hear him speak in proper sentences and explaining himself at times..

Last night, a hilarious exchange happened. Jerome had a bag of bread bits which he treats like a bag of treasure. This kid loves his food and is forever eating non stop. One moment, the bag was full and the next moment, he has only 2 pieces left..

Jerome: Mummy! I got 2 pieces left. One for you and one for me.
Mummy: Oh, that’s very nice of you. Thank you!
Jerome: *Flashes a smile and goes on with doing his stuff*

I headed to the kitchen where Der is and asked randomly…

Mummy: Did Jerome finish the entire bag of bread by himself?
Der: Ya.. (and excitedly) and he has 2 pieces left.. he say one is for me and one for him.
Mummy: REALLY?! I thought he said it was meant […]