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Better tasting water with 3M Water Filter!

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Having moved into my own place for almost 2 years now, there has been something that I haven’t really gotten used to – the taste of the water from the tap. It tastes quite different from what I used to drink at my mum’s place. Even as the self-proclaimed water guzzler who easily drinks up to 4 litres a day, I sometimes do cringe at the taste of the water at my place and finds myself reaching for the chilled water in the fridge because it tastes better.

Are you nodding in agreement? I never had issues with the taste of tap water until now and the water taste is a lot more apparent in room temperature water which is my preferred choice of drink. Guess what came to save my day?

3M Water Filter! 

Honestly, I never really bothered with learning more […]

Shape Run 2015 – 1.8km Family Fun Run for the Choos!

[Sponsored Post] We’ve clocked in the first family run this year with Shape Run 2015! This year, we are pretty pleased that the Shape Run introduced a new category 1.8km Family Fun Run. So different from the previous years where I am the only one running with the kids and the husband is at the sidelines (read our 2014 Shape Run & 2013 Shape Run experiences). Guess who was the most hyped up person? The husband of cos! He’s into running these days and is always competing with me the distance he has clocked. He’s super happy that he doesn’t have to hang around and wait for the race to end. We arrived way before the flag off time this year because I didn’t want to disappoint the kids and let last year’s incident repeat (we missed the race). We had a bit of time to wander around and take pictures with mascots. I […]

More on self and family, and less of everything else.

So, I have been blogging a lot lesser these days because I have thinking, and not really doing (blogging) much. 6 months earlier, I wrote about 15 things that I will do differently this year, and I think I am faring rather okay against that checklist. I have definitely clocked in a lot more sleep, take things a lot slower, do less gorging and more proper eating and scrutinising what really goes into my mouth. I try to exercise whenever I can, and the family clocks in at least a day of outdoor activity each week so that we don’t coop up in the house or roam the malls that much.

My nights are mostly spent snuggling my boys, or nagging them to sleep. The sad truth is, I don’t touch my computer that much anymore. In fact, I use social media a lot less too. I am less […]

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Small Spaces: Play areas for the boys

This post is part of a Small Spaces Blog Train and I will be sharing about our living spaces catered for our kids. Take a peek at what fun means in those spaces, as well as some tips on how I get all those toys organised for the boys.

Well, before I get into the small spaces catered for my kids, I got to give a little introduction to my other half. You see, he’s pretty anal. He’s interior design trained, but a ladies shoe design/R&D person by profession and his life revolves around a lot of symmetry and accuracy. When we were planning for the renovation of our place, I had a hard time. Sorry, I meant our ID had a hard time. Everything is measured downright to precision and he has zero tolerance for any error. TV has to be right in the middle of where […]

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3M™ Sun Control Window Film – Sun Protection for homes.

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I’m gonna share about our home’s latest installations  – 3M Prestige Window Film, 3M Safety & Security Film & 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Film. I’m quite excited about them honestly! And, if you are concerned about the sun damaging your furniture in your home, sunlight warming up  your apartment/house, and you want to protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (uv) rays and shattering glass using window films, then this post is for you. If you are a new home owner or going to get your new home soon and thinking about getting window films, this would be quite useful for you too!

The weather is so awfully hot lately, my skin burns whenever I’m outdoors and I swear I’m shades darker than I was a month ago. I am sure you feel the same too! Oh the perils of the sun! We all know […]

The day I met a kind soul.

Kind acts are a little underrated in Singapore. There are kind souls around and I have witnessed quite a few of them. It is just that they aren’t as amplified as the negative ones commonly seen on social media today.

Today, a kind stranger that really, really made my day.

So, 4 months ago, I posted this picture on my Instagram of me wearing my mi band (a fitness tracking device worn on the wrist).

I am not a fitness buff. I just have the habit of tracking and knowing how much I walk daily, and it does soothes me to know that I do clock in at least the recommended 10,000 steps a day. I have been doing that using my phone for the longest time, but was really excited when I was gifted the mi band because it boasts of a lot more functions like tracking my sleep patterns, notifying me […]

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5.5.15 – The day you turned 4.

Dear Jerry,

4 years ago, you popped into our lives on this very day. I still remember how big I was, like a big fat whale at 41 weeks, and 0 dilation. I barely could walk from the pain in the pelvic region, with you pressing down on my bone and I toss & turned in bed everyday till the day the doctor said he needs you to come out, pronto. That very night, I was admitted into the hospital, and still bothered to blog about it real time. It was probably the last time I ever blogged about something in real time. 

I so desperately wanted to deliver you naturally, and maybe put some potential risk on your health. On hindsight, maybe that was totally unnecessary. Who was I to know then, as a new mother. All I wanted was to experience birth the natural way. I […]

Things Jerry Says #25 – About sickness and death.

April is the month where Qing Ming Festival (Tomb-sweeping day) happens. Each year, tonnes of people make their way to clean up tombs of loved ones or make trips to pay respects and offerings within the month of April. On one of those weekends, the husband went to pay his respects to his grandpa. He left the kids with my mum because my mum didn’t want the very young kids to go near cemeteries and columbariums.  I was stuck at home as I have been really quite sick the entire month and was told to stay home to rest.

Just as Der was leaving my mum’s place, this conversation happened.

Jerry (J): Papa, where are you going? 
Papa (P): To visit my grandpa.
J: Your grandpa is sick? 
P:: No, he is dead. 
J: What is dead?
P: Dead means the person die already. 
J: Why die? 
P: Old already, then die. 
J: Is it like Mr. Lee Kuan Yew? 
P: Yes. 

When […]

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My Day in a Life Post – It’s Monday!

Happy Monday! Today, I am going to share with you a snapshot of my entire day from morning till dawn, down to the minute details so you can too, can be a part of my very real everyday life. This particular day that I am recording here is last Monday, 20 April 2015. So enjoy!

6.45am: The alarm clock rings and I hit the snooze button. Today, I am feeling very tired because I slept at 2am the night before, doing chores around the house putting away mess while the boys are asleep. I snuggle close to Jerome (he sleeps between the husband and me) and take in his smell while I rest for a little while more.

7am: The husband taps me awake, warning me that I am going to be late for my day. I have an early start today due to a 9am meeting […]

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    Beauty and the Beast – The Original Broadway Musical Spectacular.

Beauty and the Beast – The Original Broadway Musical Spectacular.

If you haven’t already heard, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical arrived at our Singapore shores some weeks back. From the producers of The Lion King, the award-winning production has been much anticipated by many. I know many of my friends have already caught the musical and gave rave reviews. So, some nights back, the husband and me clocked in a fun date night catching the musical at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. It was a lovely night, I must confess. 


I think many of us grew up with the classic Disney animated film and is familiar with the storyline – Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and […]