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5 Reasons to Travel Without Your Kids.

I thought I’ll blog on this topic since I just returned from a vacation, without the kids. I went on my own and I am here to tell you why it is a great idea, as a parent to clock in some travel WITHOUT the kids.

Am I guilt free for leaving the kids behind? Maybe not entirely. Was I happy to be away? YOU BET.

I know of way too many parents who never travelled without their kids. In fact, on the trip that I was on, one of my travel companions was leaving her kids behind for the first. time. ever.  Her kids are (I think) 6yo & 4yo, but her case was a little more special. She didn’t have anyone to care for the kids.

I also have friends who planned for trips with their girlfriends and pull out the night before and let all those money spent on […]

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff by The Little Company (TLC).

We recently caught The Three Billy Goats Gruff by TLC and the family loves it! Jerry has been asking me to bring him back to the theatres ever since we watched Goldilocks and the Three Bears. He loved the latter so much, he asked to go back the very next day after we watched it.

The moment we stepped into Singapore Repertory Theatre, Jerry turned to ask if we are back to watch Goldilocks again. My bad. I have been so, so sick lately, I didn’t have the time nor energy to prep the kids on the musical that we are catching. I have been either in comatose state or heavily drugged and spent 4 days away from work. I was literally dragging myself out of the house that day because I would have hated it if the kids missed it because of me.

The story revolves […]

Easter Eggstravaganza at Universal Studios Singapore

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We brought the kids & my nephew to hunt for some easter eggs over the school holidays weekend. Easter is one of those holidays that I really look forward to every year because I really, really like chocolate eggs and they are only available during this time of the year! Now that Universal Studios is having Easter Eggstravaganza (nice pun), it is a perfect time to visit Resort World Sentosa and be eggcited over eggs! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

So what’s the eggciting easter about, you’ll ask? Loads of eggs to hunt down, loads of rabbit ears to pull at (I’m joking at the pulling part) and special shows to catch. Even the entrance of the USS has been brightened up with loads of flowers and colourful eggs. The eggs are aplenty, and hidden at almost every corner of the park! Quite a cheery sight!

Eggs, Eggs, […]


It has been a solemn past week having it been declared a national mourning period. I spent my days reading articles of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and gluing myself to the TV. Some of you might also have noticed the 7 days of silence on my blog and all social media platform. It is indeed very sad, and I shed much tears. Each time I read some article Singaporeans write about their experience with our first Prime Minister, my eyes just start to water, even when I am in trains or public transport.

I too, joined in the Parliament queue with the husband and Jerry on Thursday. Despite being told that the priority queue might take up to 6 hours, we proceeded on, knowing that it is my last chance to pay my respects. We eventually took 4 hours, but I was nothing but glad that I […]

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Mummies unite over CNY.

So, I caught up with a bunch of mummies and their families over CNY. This group of mummies is quite dear to me. We ‘met’ over the net many years back, and bonded through blogging. This blog have brought me a lot of friendships and I really appreciate how it opened many doors for me. This bunch of mummies, we went from discussing weddings, to our first kids, to 2 kids for most of us, and now, the kids are all running around! At one point, 4 of us were having our maternity leave together (our kids are days apart) and it was a lot of fun! We grown from this…

to this!!

It was a lovely afternoon filled with fun, laughter, loads of sesame seeds (from the yusheng), great food (steamboat love!), yummy vino (slurps), and water (from the pool and water guns). I brought along my camera to […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year from my family to yours! I know this should have been done like 8 days ago, but I have been diligent..

Diligent in spending time with the family, connecting with the people that matter. Spending time with myself, doing the things I enjoy most. Diligent in letting some things go, chill, sit back and really relax. And, sleep early.

It’s hasn’t been easy, making a  deliberate change to my lifestyle and not touch my computer that much. But can I share that it has been liberating? I have done so much in the past few weeks that I suddenly feel like I am actually living my life again, and not going through the motions and waiting for one day to end and another to start.

2015 somewhat started out to be a purposeful one. I started […]

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Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Singapore

Jerry & Jerome are both huge fans of Transformers. Not a day goes by in the household without them holding or playing Transformers. They play with it every single day. Heck. Make that several many times a day and they travel with it even, grabbing one or two of them each time we step out of the house.

So, when I heard about the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore, it’s a no brainer that I have got to check it out.

In case you aren’t aware… The Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition celebrates 30 years of evolution of the world famous Transformers series and presents a snapshot of its history as well as scenes and robots of the Transformers movie. The exhibition is making its third and final stop in Asia […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in Mandarin) by The Little Company.

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I love exposing my kids to different experiences and one of the easiest way is to bring them to watch plays. They are immediately transported into settings that are out of their world, and they often get to learn a valuable lesson or two. I also use the scenes in plays to relate to my kids, and teach them life’s lessons through it.

Jerry has been through quite a number of plays already, and Jerome recently went for his first. The plays they have watched thus far have been english-speaking ones and I do want to bring them to Mandarin speaking ones in a bid to promote speaking the language. Both my kids are bilingual because the grandparents speak Mandarin, but I am a lot more comfortable in English and they do tend to veer towards the […]

Something that I want to remember about my Grandpa.

Today, in the midst of being a buzzing bee at work. I saw an email popped in titled “Chinese New Year” by my uncle.

The family will be popping in from different parts of the world to celebrate this occasion as usual, so I wondered what the email is about. As I glanced through the details… I held my breath and read the following message. Some parts were truncated (likely because it was coded in chinese), but here’s what I could read.

I really like you to tell me to go home date.

Because I can not eat something too salty.

So no need to bring too much smoked salmon


My grandpa sending an email to my uncle in halting english, asking about the dates that they will be home. Awwww..

My family was cc-ed in my uncle’s reply so I saw the email too. It just made my day. Knowing that my century old […]

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