Christmas Feast at our Christmas Party

The Christmas Feast @ Choo Nest

I have always wanted a place on my own to host parties during festivities. This year, its like *wish granted* cos we finally got our own place and moved right in! When Christmas rolled along, i just had to have a party! Our first Christmas party at Choo Nest.

The thought of having a party sure sounds like fun, but putting together a party sounds like a LOT of work. I think its a lot of work, but being time-starved… i cheated! And i’m gonna teach you how.

Tips on putting a Christmas party feast together:


  1. Buy pre-marinated food and just pop them into the oven. I bought the pre-marinated turkey/chicken roll (from the premium supermarkets) so that i don’t need to spend time marinating them. Pop them into the oven and serve!
  2. Get stuff that are ready to serve. Salads, tomatoes, capsicum strips – just wash, cut and serve! easy peasy. Oh, the honey baked ham is also another “ready to serve” item. All i just was slice it up, and grind some black pepper on it!
  3. Select 1 choice of carbo. I was racking my brains on what carbo to serve… mash potatoes? potatoes salad? cold pasta? then i walked past the sushi area… and bravo. I grabbed a tray of assorted sushi  home. The husb is the happiest man i think (he loves sushi!).
  4. Prepare stuff that are simple and fuss free. I still served up some portobello mushrooms since I had a vegetarian guest. I simply laced the tray with portobello mushrooms, drizzle olive oil on it, put a mixture of mozzarella cheese & cheddar cheese, grind some black pepper and sea salt and pop it into the oven for 20 mins.

I also made some jelly hearts to serve as desserts. Didn’t have the time to try something new (and risk failing) so i did what i was most confident of. I had more than enough food to serve all 11 adults and 3 kids (and still had left-overs).

I had a happy party with happy guests. Everyone said the food was good (i hope they really meant it, haha!) and they enjoyed the party! I guess, more parties then?

PHS Classmates from 20 years ago.

PHS classmates from 20 years ago!
L-R: Shuyu, Shannon, Wenjing, Alvin, Ivy & daughter Kylie, Belle, Junyu with Jerry, Der with Jerome & myself!

We missed Margaret & Selvan in the picture as they left early for another party, and a couple more who couldn’t make it last minute.. Catch up soon people! We should do this more often!

M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY!

M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY!


If you have not participated in the M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, there is still time! Loads of stuff to be won and keep checking back! We are only at Day 4 and there are 8 more days to go!