Cherieladie is a parenting & lifestyle blog based in Singapore and the blog primarily holds stories of our little family of 4 and memories of our wonderful adventures together. It first started out as a life-canvas for mummy Cherie (that’s me!), jotting down precious memories while I was once a young, happy and carefree lark. When marriage, motherhood and  kids descended on me, the blog evolved along with it with family memories as the main focus. Other times, the blog is dotted with topics that I am deeply passionate about – food, travel, health, fitness,  fashion, beauty, parenting, breast-feeding, photography, home decor and other lifestyle-related topics.

Cherieladie is open to any reviews, sponsorship and advertising opportunities that is relevant to the above topics.


I love to try out products and services that are relevant and would be happy to provide a honest opinion on them on the basis that i need to have the full experience of the product or service. I value honesty and reserve the right to provide my true, honest opinion on my experience with any product and services on the blog.

Prize sponsorship(s) for giveaways are optional but they are highly popular and a great way to reach out to audiences. People get excited about them!

Here are some of the reviews, sponsorships and advertorials that i have done previously.

heART studio

Vanity Trove | Nivea | Origins Nail Spa | Rapellez

Big B Event | 
Philips Avent | Tommee Tippee

Baby & Teething
GumiGem | Lassig | Drypers | White As Milk | Capella | Abbott Nutrition | Lucky Baby 

Cooking & Baking
Munch Ministry

Education, Toys & Activities for Kids 
LolliBox (Feathered Friends) | LolliBox (Itsy Bitsy Bugs) | Polliwogs Robertson Walk | Polliwogs Vivocity

Parent’s World Exhibition 2013| Shape Run | Philips Avance XL Airfryer Launch | Rise & Shine Expo 2013 |  Capella Cony Stroller Launch | Polliwogs Robertson Walk Grand Opening | Nestle Koko Krunch | Awakening The Geniuses with Dr. Thomas ArmstrongCanon Selpy Printer | DJ Violet Fenying Birthday Celebrations

FOX Kids & Baby | Shupeas

Food, Beverages & Restaurants
Outpost 903 Gastrobar | ONAKA | Delifrance | Greenfields | Gu Ma Jia Food Pot | Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt | Yakult Health Foods (Maroyaka Kale Drink)

Furnishings & Home Decor

Fun & Entertainment 
Sentosa Spooktacular! | iFly Singapore

Health & Fitness 

Household & Kitchen
3M Scotch | 3M

Studio Memories



  • I require a minimum of 4-8 weeks for sampling and writing of any reviews, unless the nature of the product/service requires otherwise. 
  • Any product for review must be provided free-of-charge and are non returnable and shipped to me at the company’s expense. Sampling of products provided to me is not guaranteed a review and reviewed products will not be used for giveaways.
  • For giveaways, winners will be randomly drawn on my end and prize collection/delivery should be handled by you/ your client.
  • All reviews and sponsored posts will be revealed as such within the blog entry.
  • All photographs taken and posted on my blog or social media platforms is copyright of Cherieladie. Please do seek my permission if you want to use them for promotion/publicity/marketing purposes.


I would love to attend events that are of interest to me or from brands that i love. However, as a full-time working mum, i do have some restrictions in this area. I will do my best to respond to each invitation and make an effort to attend the ones that i am interested in. Do provide ample time for me to respond or RSVP and possibly, make arrangements for it. It would be really nice if you could make an effort to read my blog, know me better and address me by my name.


For any queries or to get in touch with me, do email me at cherieladie(at)msn(dot)com. I’ll try to respond as soon as i possibly can. Thank you.