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Scotch Kitchen Scissors GIVEAWAY

By |August 16th, 2012|

I reviewed a pair of kitchen scissors the other day and its been a while since the scissors has been with us.

I’m totally loving it!

You can also have a chance to own a pair! if you haven’t partake in the giveaway from my previous entry, do go take part now before its over! There are a total of 10 pairs (non detachable ones worth $15.90) to be won! Giveaway ends 27 Aug, so hurry!

Simply answer this question to win!
Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissor helps to reduce bacteria breeding for better food safety. True or False?

Send your answer, name, I/C number, mobile, email address and indicate cherieladie.livejournal.com to officebiz@mmm.com. Conditions apply. one entry per person and contest is open to all singapore citizens and permanent residents, aged 18 and above.

Once again, good luck!

p.s. i just realised that IE seemed to have a […]

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    Product Review – Scotch Kitchen Scissors from 3M + GIVEAWAY!

Product Review – Scotch Kitchen Scissors from 3M + GIVEAWAY!

By |August 7th, 2012|

Want a pair of premium kitchen scissors? Scotch Kitchen Scissors from 3M is the perfect choice for you.

When 3M recently asked if I’d like to do a review for their kitchen scissors, I was beyond thrilled. It’s quite an apt product for a mother, don’t you think? Although I barely need to step into the kitchen since I reach home daily to find hot meals waiting for me at the dinner table (my mum is a full-time housewife), and often gets chased out of the kitchen by my mum because she cannot stand me pottering around HER kitchen…I do still cook when I get the chance and I love using good quality kitchen appliances after growing up with my mum’s strict standards of getting only good kitchenware. It’s a value she inevitably imparted to me since young. Her knives are all super sharp and when I sometimes do use […]