Delifrance Joyeux Noël Christmas Party (Christmas Menu Review)

By |December 21st, 2013|


I have been so busy with living life lately and didnt realize that Christmas is slowly creeping up on us! Where has 2013 gone to honestly? Having 2 kids really change the ball game for me. Before i could say hi, it’s bye and gone!

I haven’t been documenting as much as i would have like, but there were a couple of major changes for me this year – new baby, new job, new house so it’s been madness! There is something new coming up as well which i have been brewing and would very soon announce (watch this space) so i do hope you guys are still with me.

Really looking forward, and its been really quite a blast of a year thus far!

Let’s get back on the subject header, shall we? The family was recently invited to a Christmas party at Delifrance to try out their Christmas menu and […]