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ootd (17 may)

By |May 17th, 2012|

it's a gloomy day and I was about to put on an all black ensemble but decided to dress a little brighter for the gloomy day.

actually, like the whole world, I wish I could just snuggle in bed because there's just something about snuggling in bed on a rainy, wet morning!

pink tank top, topshop
black harem Jersey pants from loef.sg
black lace collar from osmose
wedges from fratelli Rossetti
black glass ring from Venice and prada bag

i know Peter pan collars are all in the rage now, or has it's mellowed down already? when I saw this lace collar, I thought it was unique and could easily spice up a casual outfit. it's a front button down piece so you could button all the way up to the neck to give it a smart look or go a little more casual and wear it button down like […]

ootd (16 may)

By |May 17th, 2012|

it's one day late, but I had a hectic day yesterday and was all ready to crash out when I got home!

this was an outfit that I grabbed under a minute cos I had a 9am meeting and I was running late.

white top with frilly details on one shoulder from joop
black tulle mini skirt from forever 21 (one of my favourites)
ferragamo jelly flats
Agnes b lock pendant
prada bag

nothing wow about this, just about my everyday wear.

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ootd (15 may)

By |May 15th, 2012|

a daily post like that triggers the motivation to kick out those 'I wanna be sloppy days'.. don't think anyone would be keen to see the sloppy me.

orange spag top from asos (new! )
skinny tight jeans from topshop
colorblock heels from nine west
prada bag (too lazy to change)
accessories: gold plated ring from coach, necklace from risque and earrings from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

and turns out, I have an accidental twin in the office!

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By |May 14th, 2012|

it's Monday! yet again. here's my outfit for the day.

gap maternity tank top (yes, I'm still wearing it and uber comfy)
striped bubble dress from asos (it's new!)
bag from prada, shoes from coach, chunky necklace from m)phosis,  glass ring from venice.

feeling fresh and great. hoping for a  fantastic week ahead!

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Daily outfits.

By |October 16th, 2011|

Dressing up for work has been a challenge, because I am pretty much restricted by the need to pop into the moo moo room (read nursing room). Most of my favorite dresses have to be retired for the moment because it’s such a chore to wear a one-piece because they are just not convenient. Only certain pieces are wearable and works for me – mostly those v- necks dresses where I do not have to remove the entire dress to do the deed. Other times, I try to wear a 2pc (top and bottom) but it’s challenging for me because I can’t quite fit into all my old blouses anymore. They are a tad too tight!

Anyhowdie, here’s some of my outfits for work.

Polka dot dress from loef and belt came from a dress from Forever21

F21 white top with gap spaghetti inside, black […]

Lovin’ it.

By |May 15th, 2011|

Love my new ASOS dresses! It came the mail some time back but my mum kept thinking it was meant for my brother and kept it aside.

I wrote an email to complain about my lost parcel and today, my brother suddenly picked up the package and went – what is this?! How come you got a parcel lying here?

And happiness! I thought I lost the ash clutch bag that I was so looking forward to receiving.

Belt not included.

Bright orange sun dress with my ash clutch! Hmmm.. Am so ready to head out!!

Looks like I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. The dresses at least, but im not really allowed to wear clothes baring skin right now so it’s long sleeves and pants. Usually wear sleeves with jacket though, can remove jacket when indoors.

Hmmmm.. The stay home days is not doing […]

fashion meme!

By |April 4th, 2007|

i feel good and happy at this moment. exercise really does wonders!

well…. looking at my friend’s page.. i got tagged by tiff!

I love fashion! so, here goes…

Your three favourite colours for clothes: red, white and black!

Your accessory weakness: watches! (ok, the thing that came to my mind first was earrings, but i realised i could do WITHOUT earrings, but never a watch!)

Your favourite gem: mich aka unpolished_gem! ok. real gems = diamonds. girl’s best friend, innit?

Your favourite clothing: jeans! or racer backs!

Your must have jewellery: never used to have, now it’s the diamond earrings my bro and mum got me slightly more than 2 months back!

Your watch: i have a watch fetish. picture says a thousand words..

Watch fashion, my watch collection - Fashion meme
part of my collection…

Your favourite pair of jeans: eve. […]