Discovering the artistic side of me with heART Studio.

By |May 26th, 2013|

it's been a while that I did something for myself. take on classes, learn a new skill etc. the last time I attended a class of some sort for myself was learning the Japanese language and that was many many years back, way before I got married. with smb turning 1, I managed to join a bake class and now, an ART CLASS with all the celebratory activities! thank you smb! there are loads more worth celebrating for, I reckon. heh.

and so, I spent 2 hours today away from the kids (my mum helped babysit one, and the husband the other while running errands) and tried to discover my artistic talent with heART studio at Upper Thomson Road.

I was caught in the rain earlier and was late for the class (boo!). when I entered, everyone was in deep concentration, drawing away!