Lassig Diaper Bag Review

By |December 22nd, 2013|

I have always have a fetish for bags and shoes, and that fact has not changed a wee bit even after i had kids and become a mother. But the honest truth is, as a mum with young kids, touting your pretty little bag (or your dainty designer bags) is no longer an option. gone are the days where u could just go out hands free carrying just a couple of cards in your pocket.

there are just so many things a baby (or babies in my case) need.

diapers? check.
wet wipes? check.
changing mat? check.
tissue paper? check.
milk bottles? check.
milk powder? check.
hot water flask? check.
blurp cloth? check.
extra clothing? check.
pacifier/soothing toy? check.
snacks/scissors/cutlery? check.

and i like to bring extras because i don’t like being unprepared or caught in a situation where i have to buy new stuff.

you put them all together and you have a big bundle of things to lug around. I don’t […]