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By |January 31st, 2007|

i am running a slight temperature (37.6) and it sure feels more cold that it already is. my nose and eyes feels like its burning and for the entire day today, i ate nothing and drank only warm water.

funny that i didn’t feel hungry at all and when i tried to eat some vinegar chips earlier.. i almost puked again. :/

steamboat in the house for dinner tonight. i do hope i can swallow some of my favourite foodies.

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driving test updates

By |January 31st, 2007|

this morning.. i went to take my driving test, after trying to parallel park (not used to left hand drive) abt 6 times, i went ahead for the test!

gosh. i wasn’t very nervous till the end of the test when i realised the tester was pretty strict with me and having me do every single item for the test! i heard my uncle got away with a couple off the list and i was hoping for the same thing!


anyway, i PASSED! 😛

Wheee!!!! I’ll have free gong gong treat from someone when i’m back in singapore!

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sunday updates

By |January 31st, 2007|

if you have realised it by now.. my trip is basically relaxing, and nothing touristy. mainly of gorging great food, shopping and vegging at home. yes. vegging. you heard me right.

i know its a little far-fetched to fly such distance to veg.. but i love the weather here, i needed to take my test and my phone won’t ring!

i guess its just a matter of perception ‘cos when my aunt’s friend heard that i was here.. her comments were,”it’s so cold! why would anyone want to visit?! she should come in the summer!”

well.. i never came to seattle in summer. always in winter, though there was once i came in fall. since i covered most of the stuff i could do in winter as a tourist last year.. i didn’t feel like visiting anywhere in particular this year, except, prob. snoqualmie falls. the place where i tore a […]


By |January 30th, 2007|

it’s 5.57am here.. and i am awake.

nope. i am not crazy.. but dinner didnt seemed to go down very well with my tummy today and i woke up, running to the toilet to puke.

non stop. i think i have gotten food poisoning for the first time in my life. and i am feeling so sickie.

*runs to toilet again*

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By |January 30th, 2007|

i just got home from the outlets. i haven’t gotten my desired coach bag. but i am really really broke.

what did i get? coach sling bag, coach coin purses, coach key chains, coach wallet, CK jacket, nike watchES, crabtree and evelyn, banana republic AND miscellaneous stuff here and there…

and so, just IMAGINE the damage. i think i just spent in the last 5hrs what i spent for the whole of last month. how great.

*freaks out*

one other thing that i am really impressed is, the DBS bank. just within 2 mins of me swiping my card at coach, i got a call for verification and asking if i was in the states. WOW!

i didn’t know they do that!

anyway, for the record, the Carly is still on the agenda. 😐

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sunday brunch

By |January 30th, 2007|

had brunch at Ivar’s Salmon House down at Northlake way.. dine in with a scenic view of Lake Union and slurping more than a dozen of my favourite fresh oysters down my throat. yums yums, i tell ya!

at the rate im eating everyday.. i think i am in need of serious workout when i reach singapore. maybe, you people won’t recognise me anymore! 🙂

i have been real lucky. since the day i came, the sun has been up and i was able to take many nice pictures. i am so thankful for that, cos for the weeks before i came, it was pouring non stop most of the time. the sun also meant that the weather is a little more bearable!

after brunch, i had wanted to head downtown to catch a ride on the duck tour (hey! they have it here too!), but the seats were […]

27th Jan updates

By |January 30th, 2007|

i sorta lost count of stuff like yesterday, the day before and with the time difference.. i think it sounded really weird..

so, i’m just gonna post by the dates now.. and here’s what i did on saturday morning..

tim sum breakfast at jumbo restaurant at rainier valley, after which we went around shopping at the supermarkets for groceries. we also went to this seafood market to enquire about lobsters shipping. heh heh. i am so gonna enjoy the coming CNY cos my uncle + aunt is plotting to ship back some LIVE lobsters!!


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the updates

By |January 30th, 2007|

someone asked how are the houses here like. chey asked if there was a fire place.. so i have decided to make a small little collage of the house and the little places that i “dwell” in..

of cos that’s not the whole house.. there are more rooms than that, but no point showing it when it doesnt mean anything rite?

more updates coming up! would have posted it last night if i didnt fall asleep on the arm chair! 🙁

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Protected: gloomy

By |January 29th, 2007|

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By |January 28th, 2007|

coach. the magic word to make me jump.

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