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some random shots of yesterday

By |January 28th, 2007|

nothing much. just some random shots to share..

time to head for bed to prepare for another day…

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By |January 28th, 2007|



it’s closed due to flooding in early november. Boo! I can see it from my aunt’s rooftop. it’s so near yet, so FAR. 😐

*back to flipping the tourist guides*

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By |January 28th, 2007|

i can’t believe this.. im feeling bored. there’s no one to talk to on msn.. so where has everyone gone to on sundays afternoon in singapore?!

i’m a little sleepy, but too full to be heading to bed right away. i spent most of the day eating today. didn’t help that i slept till 12+pm here. i woke at 8+am actually, but flopped back into bed.

the thing about winter is that, even with the windows all closed and the heater on.. the cold still creeps in and your thin fingers freezes. hot water turns cold before you can finish drinking it and noodles turn cold way faster than compared to the singapore temperature. but im not complaining. it’s refreshing!

visited the coach store today at the U district.. and guess what? i walked OUT of the store without buying a single thing! Haha. actually, it was bcos they didn’t have the […]

the usual

By |January 27th, 2007|

the first thing i’ll do every time i reach the house here is to take a picture of downtown from the rooftop.

last year, the picture looked like this. i couldn’t locate the picture taken in 2004 on my old bloggie anymore..

looks like things haven’t changed much huh..

and me, being me.. have to do a silly stunt. being too lazy to change into my thick winter wear.. i ran out to the rooftop in my racerback and fbt shorts.. grabbed my aunt’s over sized sweater and took a picture of myself on self timer mode.

looks ok right? i tell you, it’s FREEZING out there. my legs almost turned ice.

warning: please do not try that at home. and children, cheh cheh here got practise one! don’t anyhow follow hor!

ok. it’s 12.46am here now and i need to think what i want to do tomorrow. time to […]


By |January 27th, 2007|

here’s some pictures accompanying my updates. loads more to come when i have the time to put them into collages.

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in seattle

By |January 27th, 2007|

Hmmm.. here i am sitting in my fbt shorts and racerback in seattle. settled in nicely after having breakfast (my favourite pho!!), went to the licensing department to book a test date and then went around with my aunt to run some errands.

by the time i get back in the house, everyone on msn is in away mode. away in dreamland. 🙂

the flight’s kinda over in a breeze this time. i slept throughout the 2 flights and i’m SO amazed by my sleeping ability. the only bad thing is i have a stiff neck and wandered a bit in the seattle airport while waiting for my aunt to appear.

the weather is good. am loving it! cool refreshing air and sunny. prob. a tad cool for most people.. but i like!

ok. logging off. gotta set up my “systems” here to operate fully.. meaning installing my photoshop and what nots.

stay tuned […]