irritable and lethargic..and some observations in spain

By |June 5th, 2005|

irritable and lethargic..

im feeling so warm, sticky and uncomfortable. its a feeling that i felt too often since i got back. is it the warm weather here or it is simply coz it’s a far cry from what i felt in spain?

im so easily irritated. maybe it the weather, or maybe.. im sufering from jet lag. spent the whole day sleeping away today and woke only to have dinner with wei. what a nice change of lifestyle.

many have been asking abt my trip. and wanting to see photos.. but i really have NO idea what to do with all the photos i have. prob take weeks to sort them all out. i guess.. i have to show them by the day on my blog.. slowly..

anyway, here are some of the observations that i made in spain. purely my own point of views based from my experience there..

1. there are […]