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Visiting Sydney – Our arrival!

By |July 20th, 2013|

We arrived in sydney this morning! We are pretty hyped about visiting Sydney but we both were pretty much like zombies upon arrival because instead of sleeping on the flight (which in itself was tough), we watched movies, had supper, chatted non stop and i read on my kindle (ah, bliss!) and ended up catching only 1.5hrs of sleep. or less.

when we finally landed, we took a while to orientate ourselves, get our data sim (Optus offers unlimited data, voice calls and smses for just $2/day), and hopped onto a train to andy’s apartment. that’s us waiting for a train in central station, by the way.

the trains are very interesting! it’s double-decked. and some of them have seats that you could totally change the direction that you are facing so that you are always facing the direction of travel, or change […]

Vacation to Sydney!

By |July 19th, 2013|

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I am finally going for my vacation to Sydney! the thing i hate most about vacations, is the wait. the wait for the date where you set off for the trip! and today, i will jet off to sydney! like finally! (i booked the tickets in march!)

and yup, i didn’t really research intensively but i’ll be doing all the city sights – harbour bridge, the rocks, the maritime museum, aquarium, the wild life zoo and maybe the taronga zoo. I definitely want to attempt scaling the harbour bridge (it’s a dream of mine, or make that the bucket list) and check out cool places like surry hills, the markets (ohhh, i love markets!) and load up a year’s worth of fresh oysters. I really, really love my oysters.

I also have a long, long list of eats that i want to go check out, so […]

Holidaying in Sydney.

By |April 17th, 2013|

Wheeeeeeee! I’m going holidaying in Sydney!¬†this just got to be the highlight of my mundane day, and year in terms of holidays.

just booked myself and a girlfriend on a flight to sydney in late july! It’s been a while since i went holidaying alone, sans kids!

life is good when you have something exciting to look forward to!

p.s. i am hoping der can cope with both kids while i’m gone. else, i guess it’ll be pretty good training for him too! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesnt have to go on any biz trips while im away.