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Things Jerry says

Things Jerry Says #22 – Do it again! Again!

By |October 22nd, 2014|

Der shared this story with me the other day. He was driving the kids home when he was going into a merging lane and the car beside him is crawling slowly. He stepped on the accelerator and revved up to zoom pass the vehicle next to him in order to merge properly and at that point, the car let out a loud… VVRRRAAAOOOOOMMM!

Jerry, who is usually very aware of everything while riding in the car started questioning.

J (Jerry): Woahhhh! Papa, what’s that?!
D (Der): What?
J: Your car is very fast.
D: Ya, the car in front is very slow, so my car is angry. [he is talking nonsense here!!]
J: Ya… your car is angry… [ponders for a few secs] Papa! Can you do that again?! AGAIN!!

(p.s. I have no idea if the husband repeated the act, or not but it is to my own best interest not to find out.)

Honestly, I hate […]

Things Jerry Says #21 – It’s SUNNY!

By |October 17th, 2014|

I have bad sleepers. My kids are good for hyper activeness and their ability to stay awake. They love to play and rejects nap times or bed times, especially when we are at home. I am seriously thinking that our playroom is not a good idea after all. Or maybe it is the idea of having 2 boys. They play catching all day and refused to sleep!

Over the long weekend 2 weekends ago, I was trying to make Jerry sleep on one of the afternoons so that we can head out in the later part of the day. He just kept running and screaming around the house in joy and thinks it is very fun to have mummy chase him down.

I eventually gave up the entire idea and resorted to bribery.

M (Mummy): Jerry, can you go and sleep please? Mummy give you a toy if […]

Things Jerry Says #21 – I am so proud of you!

By |October 10th, 2014|

As a ftwm (full-time working mum), I often struggle between the responsibilities at work as well as the splitting my time between a mummy, a wife, a home maker, maintaining a blog and a whole lot more of responsibilities in between. I previously wrote about the struggles of being a ftwm here and here but today, I will tell you a conversation that tugged at my heart strings.

One that makes me wonder if I should stop working and really spend time with the kid in his growing up years. There is just so many years that the kid needs you before they are off to explore the world and doesn’t want a naggy or unhip mother at his back.

I have been working late for the past weeks, often getting home a lot later than the kids. Sometimes, […]

Things Jerry Says #20 – Who is its mother?

By |October 1st, 2014|

Here’s a new Things Jerry Says post for this week! If you are new here, “Things Jerry Says” is a series of conversational posts with Jerry, my first born. He has been getting really apt in his conversational skills and sometimes, says the weirdest and funniest things that throw us off. I document them down because I know this phase will soon pass and I want to retain these moments somewhere, so that someday, I can read some day and reminisce the times when he is growing up.

Today, we were playing pretend play with x.silly, a small cuddly pig that the husband gifted me many years back. X.silly is very something very dear to me and as my kids grow up, he has become a huge part of their lives. Each day, Jerry either plays with him or bring it to bed with him and there is seldom […]

Things Jerry Says #19 – But it’s just TV!

By |September 20th, 2014|

The family were hanging around in the living room one night, and the TV was on with National Geographic channel being turned on (I’m a huge fan of nature-related documentaries by the way). The scene was showing a tiger hunting its prey and devouring its prey and I thought I wanted to take the opportunity to educate Jerry while he was watching it.

Mummy (M): Jerry, look at that. What animal is that?
Jerry (J): TIGER!!!! (excitedly since he knows the answer)
M: [screen flashing tiger tearing off flesh of prey] What is the tiger doing?
J: He is eating the la-lamb… err.. i dunno… (trying to describe the prey but didnt know what it really is)
M: [unable to teach since I wasn’t paying attention to the programme prior to the conversation] Hmmm, he is eating the meat of the animal he caught… Do you think you can go near a tiger?
J: no, […]

Things Jerry Say #18 – I am not a bad guy.

By |September 11th, 2014|

If you haven’t already know. This kid is obsessing over Transformers right now. He has been going on and on about Optimus Prime trailer toy for the loooooooogest time, talking about it every single day and somewhat drove me nuts. I can’t quite believe how persistent and single minded he is for this toy. He talked about it every day, requested us to buy for him all the time, grabbed it every time he goes to the store until I gave up and started on the concept of being on good behaviour to earn the toy himself.

He’s probably too young for this at a few months past 3 years, but never try never know.

Each day, I will give him 50 cents or a dollar to reward him for his good behaviour and it went on for a while.. and I got too busy and forgot about giving him the […]

Things Jerry Says #17 – Footboard.

By |September 4th, 2014|

I should really blog about Things Jerry Says” more frequently. The kid really says the funniest things all the time. Some of which, is beyond hilarious. So, today’s post is about the footboard. Do you know what is a footboard?

Honestly, I didn’t even realize that the word really exist, because we hardly use it.

So, this happened last night when I was putting Jerry to bed. As usual, he isn’t the sort that would just go down and sleep. He will wiggle and roll in bed and do all sorts of stunts in bed, before he can actually drift off to sleep. One habit of his that I totally cannot stand is putting his foot on the headboard, and the fact the he always, I mean ALWAYS sleep in the opposite direction of the bed, like legs where the head is supposed to be…

I decided I have had enough and decided […]

Things Jerry Says #16 – Falling in love.

By |August 15th, 2014|

It’s been a while since I updated with a Things Jerry Says post! It’s not that he hasn’t been sprouting funny things, but I was too preoccupied with surviving life that I haven’t dedicated much time to blog things down. I have quite a number of drafts sitting around, but I wanted to share this first!

Recently, we have been asking Jerry about his school and his classmates, and naturally, out of curiousity… we asked about the female students in his class. Like who is the prettiest etc. One girl always stood out. Her name is Rachel, and we know that Jerry is quite fond of her. So one of those days, we (more specifically, daddy) decided to be a little naughty and probed more..

Daddy (D): Jerry, does Rachel like you?
Jerry (J): Yes!
D: How do you know?
J: Yes… (not understanding what daddy is really asking for)
D: Did she […]

Things Jerry Says #15 – I will fight the mosquito!

By |June 22nd, 2014|

For some strange reason, both my kids  have been attacked by a lot of mosquito bites lately. I am guessing that the area around my mum and mother-in-law’s place is infested with mosquitoes and the kids have been coming home with mosquito bites. I personally hate mosquito bites, they are so itchy and they sometimes can itch up to days and more often than not, they leave a mark behind mostly from scratching, and sometimes, the skin just turns darker at the site of the bite and the legs looks spotted.

Today. Jerry is complaining about the mosquito bites on his legs and I wish I can do something for him (except applying some cream/ointment which frankly, doesn’t quite help) and the conversation goes..

J: Mummy, my leg pain pain!
C: Where?
J: Here! (points and show me)
C: What happened?
J: The mosquito bite me. The mosquito naughty. I want to fight the mosquito.
C: […]

Things Jerry Says #14 – the Sadist

By |May 28th, 2014|

I came home one day and was looking at my aquarium, checking if the fishes are ok. It’s a new tank so some deaths everyday seems to be the norm. Unfortunately, there was > 5 fishes dead, and i was really sad.

Jerry is pushing me and trying to get the best view of the aquarium as well when the following conversation took place.

C: jerry, don’t push me. it is not very nice of you to push me. Can you say excuse me? Anyway, mama is v sad. The fishes died! (shifts aside and points to one dead fish)
J: mama! Jerry happy!!!!! (Burst out laughing while looking at the dead fish)
C: Huh!  The fishes died, how can you be happy?! The lives are lost.
J: hahaha.  The fishes die, jerry happy!!!

Uh oh. I dunno if he has acquired some sadist behaviour or that he cannot really understand about life and death […]