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Things Jerry says

Things Jerry Says #13 – Greedy kid wants chocolate.

By |May 21st, 2014|

Things Jerry says #13 happened on a day when we were all at home chilling and just not doing much. Daddy emptied his pockets and left a $1 gold coin lying around our dinner table. We never thought much about it but Jerry appeared in front of me some time later..

J: (shows me the $1 in his palm) can you open for me please?
C: Huh? Open? What is there to open?
J: Can you open the chocolate please?
C: (after 2 secs of silence) Orrrr.. jerry! This is not a chocolate coin! This is the real money!
J: Mummy, but.. I want to eat. *insert sad face*

Totally funny. Ever since CNY, the kid really loves the gold chocolate coins and have to get his hands on one every time he sees it somewhere. Somehow, he seems to think that our Singapore $1 coin is one of them chocolates! The good thing about it […]

Things Jerry Says #12 – Assholes

By |May 16th, 2014|

Things Jerry says #12!

So, my kid turned 3 years old a week back and I thought it would be cool to ask him his age and see if he would reply.. and guess what? I’m in for quite a shock! The conversation goes…

Mama (M): Jerry, how old are you?
Jerry (J): 3 assholes
M: Jerry, speak properly and don’t mumble. 3 YEARS old.
J: Orrr… 3 years old.

I’ll be really worried if he had 3 assholes! But the husband and me did have a good laugh. Actually, I called the husband into the room and repeated my questions at him to replay his reply for the husband before I jumped in to correct him. Thought it’s too good a joke not to share with the husband and have him experience/hear it for himself.

P.s. he is able to pronounce it properly now, so please don’t attempt asking him and have […]

Things Jerry Says #11 – Smart aleck in making.

By |May 4th, 2014|

(Husband munching on some chocolates at 11pm at night and jerry came running out of the room after me because I got fed up with trying to put him into bed after 1 hr. Upon exiting, he sees der munching on some stuff…)

Jerry: papa! What are you eating?
Papa: jerry! Why are you not sleeping?
Jerry: hmm.. because I want to come out and see what you are eating.

Right. This kid.. I think he’s too smart for his own good. Grrrrrrr. I know a lot of you are gonna exclaim. . OMG! So cute!!!

I know. I can feel you all, but I also need some empathy on how my time is wasted doing nothing in the dark for hours and the mission (putting the kid into bed) is not being accomplished. #timenotenough

Am going crazy these days battling bedtimes with this kid. I need some baseball bats to knock […]

Things Jerry Says #10 – Speaking Singlish.

By |April 25th, 2014|


Today’s “Things Jerry Says” is about him speaking singlish! This happened a while back when the husband wasn’t in town. I remembered i was out, driving with the 2 kids and my mum heading some where in the west for dinner and i was trying to keep the kids entertained by talking to them. Obviously, Jerry is the only one who can really hold conversations with me, but anything to ensure that they don’t fuss.

The 2 kids are nicely strapped in their car seats at the back while i drive, and the whole time, i had my eyes on the road. I kept talking to Jerry and realised that Jerome is like totally quiet, but i couldn’t turn around to check on him.

C: jerry what is didi doing?
J: siannor. .
C: Huh? What’s did you just say?
J: didi SIAN LOR!
C: OOhhh! Ok. (3 seconds lag later) Could you talk to […]

Things Jerry Says #9 – Mummy, i buy medicine for you!

By |April 11th, 2014|

Realized that I haven’t posted this “Things Jerry Says” post after I drafted it last week! So here it is! And just for record, I am STILL hacking away today, and the persistent cough is not getting any better. Hoping to get well soon since being under the weather is just meh!

I have been sick for as long as the husband is gone. I caught the bug from the kids who also has been sick for as long as the husband is gone. While all of us have seen the doc, this viral bug is proving quite deadly and my medication didn’t work as well (or maybe its the lack of sleep/rest and solo parenting that’s doing me in) and the kids are still being nebulized.

I happened to be coughing when Jerry came up to me and started stroking me on my back.

J: Mummy, you sick? Jerry saiyang.. (strokes […]

Things Jerry Says #8 – Taking care of x.Silly.

By |April 4th, 2014|


For those who are new on the blog or doesn’t know.. the little pig in the picture is called x.silly (actually short form for ‘xiao silly’ or 小silly, meaning ‘small silly’). I have a bigger version of the pig and his name is “Silly” and this smaller version is named as such, because he came after the big one (the husband gave it to me so that i can travel with it on a work trip). It was a really sweet gift from then bf a long time ago. They are really special because they are pigs with WINGS (if anyone sees an exact replica, please tell me!) – the husband’s surname is Choo (sounds like pig in chinese) and i used to say he is my angel hence the cute pigs with wings. The pigs are […]

Things Jerry Says #7 – I want to sit on an aeroplane!

By |March 31st, 2014|


This kid is seriously missing his daddy. For the days that the husband is gone, he has been constantly asking me “Where is papa?”. Like the first question when he wakes up and the last question before he closes his eyes for the day.. and maybe a gazillion times in between (ok, maybe not that much).

So over the weekend when i was done bathing him (which is why he is naked in the picture) and plonked him on the bed to dress him up… here’s what he said.

J: Mama, I want to sit aeroplane! (put both palms together and does zooming sounds and action from his right to left)
C: You want to sit on an aeroplane? Where do you want to go?
J: I want to sit aeroplane and go China! I want […]

Things Jerry says #6 – weather and wiper.

By |March 27th, 2014|

A short post on Things Jerry Says today.

I’m a little under the weather this week – caught the flu bug and cough from the kids (yes, they both are down as well) and the husband is away for work (for 10 days!) so i’m solo-parenting and struggling to stay alive. As much as I would love to blog more, i’m seriously strapped for time, and when the kids are asleep, the meds (hello, tiny yellow pill!) is way too strong for me to battle and i ended up crawling into bed right after typing a blog title. I do hope to get well soon, it sure sucks being sick and meanwhile, hang in there and do check back often yeah?

Here’s what Jerry said the other day..

Wipers o

Jerry’s favourite song is the wheels on […]

Things Jerry says #5 – Respect for the nation

By |March 17th, 2014|


The husband sent me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning some weeks back when I was heading to Bangkok. On the way home, the national anthem was playing on national radio…

D: *sings along with the national anthem* Jerry, do you know how to sing?
J: papa! Must keep quiet (while national anthem is playing)
D: ……

Hilarious. Things kids say!

At not even 3 years old, this kid already learnt respect for the nation! Not bad, not bad at all.

(P.s. I claim no credit in this. I really got to attribute this to the school and their teachings)

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Things Jerry says #4 – the power of negotiation.

By |February 24th, 2014|


Things Jerry says: The negotiator

I can’t emphasise how much this kid amaze me all the time. I know that I said it many many times, but I guess I still need to say it mainly because I am so proud of him (or annoyed!) and it is a moment worth recording down. And mummies are always proud of their little one, however small an achievement because to us, they mean the world.

A couple of days ago, this kid isn’t on the best of behaviour. He refused to comply to any instruction and we were rushing out of the house for a party.  I needed him to sit in his car seat but all he did was scream, grab at me, kick and struggle.


In situations like this.. I had to dangle a carrot to get compliance…

(After struggling for what seems like ages)

Me: jerry! […]