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Things Jerry says

Things Jerry says #3 – the little traffic conductor

By |January 15th, 2014|


Things Jerry says – the little traffic conductor

We have been teaching the kid about traffic lights since a long time ago.. when he was still in the stroller and I used to push him around everywhere. I believe in empowering him with the knowledge from young so he doesn’t run across traffic lights and know the basic traffic rules, right from the moment he understands me. I’m paranoid that way. Part of the reason is that i used to have a really really smart classmate in primary school and one day, he didn’t check for the cars while crossing and got hit. He was in coma for months and when he got out of it, he is never the same again and the lesson stayed with me for life. (sorry, being a little emo here!)

So recently, this little one is […]

Things Jerry say #2 – Caring for the ‘birdie’

By |January 12th, 2014|


Things Jerry says #2

I was applying moisturising lotion for the kid post bath where the following conversation happened.
J: mummy, I want to apply lotion on my birdie!!!
Me: huh?! Birdie?
Me: oh. You mean BODY? It’s “bor-di”! Not birdie!!

Things Jerry Says #1

By |January 3rd, 2014|

The kid has been sprouting sentences and arguments like an adult and he surprises me every single day. Like… woah! Where did he learn that from?

and since its a brand new year and a brand new blog, i am going to chronicle his funny conversations in numeric order. I know i posted some before previously, but i guess i’ll start counting somewhere.

Over the holiday, before we headed out for lunch.. der went to his bonnet and did some engine servicing. Jerry & Jerome was both strapped in the car before der went on to do his stuff.

Jerry: Why isnt the car moving and where is papa?

Me: There… Papa is right in front, can you see him?

Jerry: What happened? Is there something wrong with the engine? Is it engine spoil already?

Me: (thinking to myself – WOAH! How did he know the engine is there? Who taught him?!) Ya, papa fixing […]