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Things Jerry Says #24 – X.silly’s 6th Birthday

By |December 11th, 2014|

Here’s a secret I am going to share. A silly one. Der & I buy cakes to celebrate x.silly‘s birthday every year. It has been something that we have been doing ever since Der gifted me with x.silly. I think I shared before, but I can’t find any blog post on it. And yup, we love being silly like that.

So this year, it is the same. I bought a cake and Der happened to give me a ride home from the train station that day with the kids in tow. Jerry spied my bag cautiously..

Jerry (J): Mummy, what are you holding?
Mummy (M): It’s a cake for x.silly.
J: Why you buy a cake? Why you never buy me a donut?
M: It’s x.silly birthday! So I bought him a cake. Later when we reach home, we celebrate x.silly’s birthday ok?
J: It’s x.silly birthday ah. You buy him […]

Things Jerry Says #20 – Who is its mother?

By |October 1st, 2014|

Here’s a new Things Jerry Says post for this week! If you are new here, “Things Jerry Says” is a series of conversational posts with Jerry, my first born. He has been getting really apt in his conversational skills and sometimes, says the weirdest and funniest things that throw us off. I document them down because I know this phase will soon pass and I want to retain these moments somewhere, so that someday, I can read some day and reminisce the times when he is growing up.

Today, we were playing pretend play with x.silly, a small cuddly pig that the husband gifted me many years back. X.silly is very something very dear to me and as my kids grow up, he has become a huge part of their lives. Each day, Jerry either plays with him or bring it to bed with him and there is seldom […]

happy birthday to me.

By |August 21st, 2013|

some weeks back, I turned another year older. uneventfully. I think birthdays get a whole lot more toned down as I age. I spent the day on a quick date with the husb, out watching hossan leong’s stand up comedy and had loads of laughter for company. had a quick dinner before we zipped home for the kids. thank you all who sent well wishes and greetings my way through fb, text messages, whatsapp, IG and all other social platforms, thank you very much. I may not have replied them all, but I read every single one of them and feel very much loved.


the highlight of the day had to be this picture!

please excuse bad posture and flabby arms. I was kinda nervous when taking the picture. Lol.

I totally love the cake that the husb bought for me! […]

Someone gets a surprise!

By |December 21st, 2011|

The husband whipped out 2 tiny tic tacs today for x.silly. He has been rather gloomy in our books because of all the attention being lavished on jerry since his arrival, and he has sorta been a wee bit neglected. (pardon all the role playing between the husband and me) so, he gets a surprise!

Now, can you tell that I’m mighty jealous? The tic tacs are sooooo cute. I attempted to do an exchange with x.silly using my super big pack and he refused!

Sigh. That baby. He doesn’t know better. I have so much more sweets in the big pack.

trivia: x.silly is actually Xiao (小) silly. I’m just too lazy to type it out in full but it funny when I hear people say.. “axe-silly”. Heh.

Haven’t blogged in ages (which actually means a week but the past week has been busy!

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Der’s mischief..

By |March 6th, 2011|

Wrong babies in the baby cot..

Thought it’s quite funny that the boy actually took some effort to line them up nicely.

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Rainy Saturday..

By |March 6th, 2011|

Spent a productive Saturday! Got out of bed early and shifted the furnishings around in the room to make way for the cot delivery!

Headed out with aunt (she’s here in Singapore to help take care of my
Mum while she tries to rest and recover from her recent surgery), brother and der for dim sum at Hua tin. Yummy, but these days.. I can’t seemed to stomach much and the only joy I had was the mango purée with herbal jelly, sago and pomelo. Haha. My boy has got a sweet tooth and is more receptive to all things sweet!

Swung by goodwood park for 20pcs of durian puff goodness… am a happy girl!

Popped by ikea tampines and had fun in the kids section! Bought loads of frivolous stuff and funny that der readily indulged in whatever I wanted to buy (think it’s cos I’m paying!). Got […]