as i was typing the blog header, i got reminded about the joke of panda taking pictures – they only turn out black and white!! ok, not funny.

some weeks back when my extended family was in town for my grandpa’s birthday, we made an impromptu trip to river safari to check out the pandas. I think it made my uncle’s day. He was really excited about the pandas. i was so hyped up about going on a family outing (together with my mum cos she hardly goes anywhere!) that i almost forgot about the rescheduled teacher-parent meeting in jerry’s school. Thank god the school is just a couple of blocks away. we missed the timing by 5 mins and der & me RAN all the way to the school. anyways, back to river safari.

here’s my aunt gracing the entrance.

tickets for all 7 of us (2 uncles, 1 aunt, my mum, my bro, der & me) and the 2 kiddos enter for free since they are below 3 years old.

the river safari is asia’s first and only river-themed safari and is the world’s largest repository for river dwelling animals. it mimics the rivers of the world – Mississippi river, mekong river, yangtze river, giant panda forest (??) and the wild amazonia where ganges river, river nile, congo river and murray river is. ok. for now, i find that the giant panda is a little out of this “river concept”. haha.

walking into the park, and jerry is totally intrigued with the koi stickers on the ground at the entrance plaza.

the american beaver

ok. some fish. alligator gar?

alligator snapping turtle.

another shot of the turtle.


i like how idyllic the whole place is. the fact that place isnt too packed makes it quite pleasant to slowly stroll and take our time with the exhibits. oooooh! i also love that most of the exhibits are under a sheltered walkway. i breezed through the entire park without sweating at all, at noon time! how cool is that?

super hard to take a nice picture of these 2. somehow, their eyes can’t coordinate!

one of my favourite exhbits! the mekong giant catfish.

my excited uncle.

upclose. they are really huge.

the entire tank

mating frogs.

the panda exhibit!

the entrance. I heard about how people gotta book time slots to go to the panda exhibit, and only allowed 15mins viewing time. when i was there, there wasnt a queue, and we took all the time we wanted to view the pandas.

the red pandas

the beautiful golden pheasant that was housed in the same place.

a display of their food!

the panda! I think this is kai kai. he slept the entire time i was there.

panda enjoying the aircon and snoozing away…. jia jia was totally nowhere to be seen! she hid in her inner sanctuary and under a table so even the cctv couldnt really see much. bummer.

presenting to you, my very own sleeping ‘pandas’!

while the children have their milk feed just outside the panda exhibit, i stroll along the bridge and enjoy the peaceful environment and the wild life around me.

there were anacondas and free roaming monkeys, otters, piranhas, eels and many other type of fishes.

my absolute favourite just had to be the manatees!

totally adorable to look at, and they seemed to be a really loving bunch. there was even a baby nursing (right in the centre of the picture) within the tank.

family togetherness


ok. it helps that this was in an air-conditioned place and it was nice just sitting around and watching them clumsy looking animals swimming around. they are cute. and playful!

and that kinda ended our trip at river safari. and yeah. i just saved you $25. no need to go, i have shown you everything worth seeing! haha. Just joking! there are sting rays and sharks and all. i would recommend going to the river safari if you want a nice leisurely walk out of the sun. it is also EXTREMELY STROLLER FRIENDLY! 🙂

Some useful information if you are intending to visit below.

80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826
Tel: (65) 6269 3411

Opening Hours:
9.00am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.00pm)

Ticket Prices: $25 (adults), $16 (child between 3-12yo)
do note that the prices are discount since the park isnt fully operational yet, and the river cruise is not available at the time of my visit.

and no. this isnt a review. or advertorial. 😛

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