I never got round to blogging about this till now because the pictures took such a long time to get to me. I lost the mojo to blog about it until recently when i was searching for some family pictures to print for Jerry’s school.

we did a newborn shoot for jerome some time back, before CNY this year while i was still in confinement and in the midst of it, we bagged in some family portraits as well.

Naturally, i still look rather fat and preggers but here’s some of the nicer pictures that i thought was quite natural.

this is my absolute favourite of all the pictures because of the brotherly love. I hope Jerry would always love his brother as much as we do.

Now, i have requested for der to gift me a family photoshoot as a birthday present this year simply because we hardly take family pictures. I am mostly the photographer for the family and der hardly takes any pictures of me. And no one ever offers to take pictures for us as a family. and we never ever did any seflie. Hmmm.. so, I am searching around for a photographer that takes really lovely, casual, outdoor shots of my little family. any recommendations? Of cos, i don’t really want to blow der’s pocket so it needs to be affordable (afterall, we blew so much $$ on renovations in the last couple of months!).

and errm. I am gonna to be shameless and say, i WELCOME any family portraits sponsorship if any photographer is reading this! thank you very much!