its been a month since jerry started childcare. I went to peep at him on Friday and was happy to see that he is finally blending/fitting in at childcare. from the kid that is always away from the pack and in his own world, he is now able to sit with his classmates and join in the class activities.


I am soooo proud of him! it might have been a mighty small achievement but it means so much to me. to us, as the parents.  and to him, as a child adapting into a new environment.


as I was leaving the premises, I bumped into his class teacher and she was happy to report he is so much better now and can listen, pay attention and join in. definitely a far cry from what it used to be before.


I cant wait for the teacher-parents meeting on the 22nd june.

I also noticed that he is learning more words these days and his favourite is “share!!” when im using my phone or when I take his toy. hahah!


and in case you are wondering, he is the 3rd kid from left at the bottom of the image.