my chubby baby turned 6 months old a couple of days back, just like that. has it really been half a year?

and just for the stats, he is currently at 8.05kg, way heavier as compared to jerry at the same age and I really love all his chubby fats. feels like a squishy bear all the time when I hug him. his head circumference is 42cm and height is 66cm tall.


this baby is a loud and noisy one. he is constantly trying to blabber something or shrieks and screams when he is unhappy. he revels in human touch. if you leave him alone, he screams and demand attention to be given asap. and he only stops when you touch him or carry him.


I can’t remember if I mentioned this last month, but he has teeth! I think I did, but I was really surprised that his teeth grows out really, really early. I find them really cute though!

he’s a pretty strong baby too! he’s lately into bull dozing around the bed or does the downward dog position all the time. I was kinda freaked out and worried that he breaks his neck. he bulldozes his way around the house bed in my living room all the time. he did suffer his first fall from the sofa one of those days when my mum popped into the kitchen for some chores. he can also pull himself upwards on pillows or by his play pen and loves to observe what his brother is doing.

checking out the brother’s toys. he’s really very strong and he amazes me sometimes.

hoisting himself up, all by himself. I won’t be surprised if he starts cruising along soon. like jerry, I think he will walk much earlier than his peers, I just hope he isn’t as active as jerry!

he loves nomming his fingers, or the blanket, or pillow or anything that he lays his hands on so we have found many things drenched in his sticky drool. haha. he often noms my mobile phone and clothes as well. unfortunately he doesn’t like his teether that we bought for use him. am I alone in this teether thing? both my kids refuses their teethers!

he recently had ‘pink pee’ and I freaked out thinking its blood and a possible case of uti and rushed him to the pd. we didn’t manage to get any urine sample after a couple of hours but his blood test is clear except from having lungs infection while he was fighting the virus that the entire household is down with.  he was sent home with some anti-botics and medication. couple of days later, his pee is still pink and we sent him in again to the docs and were told that the pink stain on the diapers were due to crystallization resulted from his concentrated pee. he’s probably dehydrated and need to load up on the liquid, but other than that, he’s fine. thank god.


sleep wise, he is still waking up for feeds once or twice each night. he is probably not ready to sleep through yet because I tried ignoring him a couple of times and giving him water instead of milk but i got greeted with loud cries instead. I also find it harder to wean him off right now as we are housed in the same room and Jerry is a light sleeper. I cannot afford to have Jerome cry and wake jerry up so I feed the night feeds to save me some trouble. hopefully, it will be better when we shift to our house.


eat wise, I haven’t started Jerome on much solids yet, mainly because we have been so busy with the renovation and cleaning the house lately that I haven’t had much spare time to prep his food. doesn’t help that I went away on a trip so no one preps his food. I have every intention to start him immediately now that I’m back and the renovations are done.


other milestones includes being able to touch his toes, crawling or wriggling his way around, interacts with his surroundings and people by touching them, as well as able to pick up objects, shaking them around and put them into his mouth for the ultimate taste test.


I guess he’s pretty much on track with his milestones so all is good. he’s growing up way too fast and is my vulnerable baby no more!

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