slightly over a week ago, jerome turned 8 months old. this little bundle of sunshine of mine cheers me up everyday.

at 8 months, he has 8 fully grown teeth. i have no clue why my kids’ teeth sprouts so fast! I thought jerry’s progress was fast when he was a baby, but jerome’s progress is so much faster.

he stands unassisted now for a couple of seconds before he plonks his fat butt down again. he walks like a champ assisted and can get around the house pretty fast when he crawls or walks about. he’s always wary about falling down so he clutches one hand onto somewhere all the time.

its an endearing sight when i see daddy guide him in his steps around the house. i’m quite sure he’ll be ready to walk soon!

here’s a video i took of him laughing non stop. midway, i tried to zoom in to capture his 8 little teeth but got his attention instead.


oh! he climbs too! that day, i saw him scale up the cupboard beside the sofa (it’s like 2 steps tall) and i totally blame jerry for it because jerry is forever climbing up there to jiggle his butt and jumps down into his “toys pool” and i hope jerome won’t ever get a chance at attempting the “jumping” bit. i’ll freak out.

food wise, he has moved on to porridge in the last month and i have started to introduce meat (beef) into his menu. he has eaten all the things that i have given him thus far and i give thanks! i love seeing him eat and he loves his food!

sleep wise, he is still not progressing. some days we get 6 hours sleep in, other nights, he wakes up every other hour. it’s. dead. tiring. and this kid, you absolutely cannot ignore his cries. he’ll howl the house down! i have also come to realise that most times, he just wants a cuddle and if i put him close to me in bed between the husb and me, he falls back into slumberland. i do plonk him there at times when my sanity calls for it. for now, he is still sleeping on the floor in our bedroom in the new abode so he’ll prob stay there till he can sleep through the night since jerry is a light sleeper.

jerome is definitely the sticky kid between the 2 and we have a hard time trying to deal with separation anxiety while we get chores done in the house. i reckon its the bonding he gets while being in the manduca carrier all the time where as in jerry’s days, we don’t carry and just push him around in the stroller. with jerome, we cannot even leave his line of vision! he also has way more meltdown episodes than jerry and it’s counting.

weight and stats – i dont have them but the last we measure while he was at the doc’s, he’s 8.6+kg. he’s piling on the weight much slower than before and his face has grown a lot slimmer in the last month, but still very much the roly poly around.

his fine motor skills are pretty advance as well. he peels off my cartoon wall decal that i have above the cot easily, grab toys with a tight grip and all. i have seen his pincer grip as well but i have yet to see him pick up small objects (e.g. raisin) yet. That said, maybe it’s because we dont leave small objects around him for now since its a choking hazard and i havent had time to sit him down proper to watch him. woes of being a 2nd kid in the family. i feel like i owe him so much.. i don’t really get a lot of time with him!

am i totally normal feeling like that?

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