such an angel when he is sleeping….


but a terrible devil when awake. he is so hyper, so filled with mischief and energy.. I often think if he was sent to me to test my patience and teach me to be a better person.


today, the husband shared this little story with me…


(my mil fetches my son home from the childcare centre every day after work, and between the blocks, she would pass by a mama shop at the void deck).
jerry: (upon seeing mama shop) Nai Nai, you got bring money?
mother-in-law (mil): no.
jerry: go home take.
mil: no. tomorrow then buy. what you want to buy?
Jerry: egg (chocolate eggs with toys within)
(they step into the lift to get home)
jerry: (feels Nai Nai pockets to confirm that the pockets are empty)


I just can’t believe how much he has grown in the 3 months that I was at work. he learnt so much, talked so much and could pretty much understand almost everything! ain’t kids amazing? I find them extraordinary every day. and I don’t even like kids to begin with.

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