I really don’t have the energy to catch up with him these days.. in a bid to keep his hyperactiveness at bay and still keep him occupied with some activity, I put him in the baby chair outside at the corridor.. and armed him with an apple.

if possible, dress the baby in old clothes. my son isn’t in old clothes but he has been munching on the apple before that (he grabbed it from the coffee table himself and started munching on it before we realised what was happening) so I just let him be.

look at the mess he created.


but surprise, surprise! he devoured 3/4 of the apple and is a happy kid. mummy is happy because I just sat around and observed him for 30mins.


that was yesterday.


today, I repeated the exercise with cornflakes!

he had a fun time crushing them to bits.


meanwhile, I’m still in my resting mode and is extremely tired. I slept at 5am last night after fetching my aunt and uncle arriving from Seattle at the airport past midnight and catching up with them for a bit.


am trying to sneak in a wink or two while jerry self occupies himself with his toy box.