sorry for the silence. its contributed by a couple of reasons. first of which is me feeling under the weather and I have been extremely tired of late from solo parenting last week and work and trying to recuperate. and the haze situation isn’t helping. my nose and airway have been irritated by the air and I did a 8-in-a-chain mega sneeze last night followed by burning nostrils,  I knew I had to hide under the covers and just sleep. so ya, forgive me will ya?


back to father’s day. I bought der an ice cream cup to reward him for a job well done (it’s as good as it gets so he deserves an ‘award’ to spur him to work harder). haha! its the thoughts that count right? I also got jerry to tell him “happy papa’s day” so he was naturally delighted (with the kid, not me).


he just landed back in sg in the wee hours of the morning (4.30am) so we didnt plan much except to check out our house’s progress and also made a trip to a park.


and yup, just had to check out my waterway @ punggol! its the newest park to check out in town isnt it?

it was sunset when we got there and it was beautiful.. all that lovely golden hue that was sparkling and reflecting off the water at the water park. it was a pretty sight.

jerry kept going “wow!!” and kept wanting to run into the sprays of water but I had to hold him back because we didnt bring an additional change of clothes.

fitness/exercise corner.

sand! powdery fine sand! we were totally not prepared for this huge sand pit and didnt bring his digging toys with us.. so jerry kinda went around taking other kid’s toys much to my horror (!!) and I had a hard time explaining and having him return the toys. I think school really helped because when I told him he needs to return, he did so albeit grudgingly. I also managed to talk him into thanking the kids who shared their toys with him.

sunset reflecting off the waters. its a lovely sight! so romantic I could just sit around in peace and watch it. 

the entire park is huge and we only managed to cover like 1/6 of the park. a lot of families were cycling, blading or jogging away. its really quite a nice place for kids to expel their energy. we had to leave as jerome was getting pretty cranky & hungry. I accidentally left his milk in the car so we had to rush him back to the car.


I’m quite sure we’ll be back here pretty soon. the huge sand pit is definitely a big draw! I really like the sand! its also a great place for families on weekends. hmm, now it makes me think whoever got flats near this park is really lucky! cant wait to explore the place more.