Ok. I’m guilty as a mum for exposing him to TOO MUCH thomas & friends. DVDs, VCDs, toys, books, bags, water bottle, cookery and the works, but it’s always about thomas thomas thomas (since he is the lead character).

so a couple of days back, i bought a few more thomas and friends book for jerry, mainly for bedtime reading and i was really surprised when he pointing at the square train and went…. “Toby!”.

I never heard him say “toby” before this even though i have ever read and pointed “toby” to him from another book.

and i just had to quiz him! he really amazed me when he got all the characters on that page correct!

I just had to take a video of it and put it here. Such a “milestone”! i bet the husband wouldn’t be able to tell me the names of each engine if i put him to the test. but you know what? I think its time to cut down those youtube video that he has been watching. hur. hur.