It’s my 2nd attempt drafting this and I do hope my phone app doesn’t have any error and eat up my Bali vacation entry like the last time!

We had out for lunch in the late afternoon after a short swim. That typically has been our routine for the days spent in Bali.. I was craving for some local food and the cafe (Brasserie & Lounge) that we had lunch the day before do serve them so we headed back there!

My caramel mikshake and the standard cola for der. It was a bad mistake because I think I felt sick right after all that milk on a near empty stomach! The in-villa breakfast was really nothing to shout about and talking about it… I totally didn’t snap any picture of it of the 4 different breakfast I had!

Der’s portobello mushroom sandwich served with focaccia bread. Yummy! And like the day before, I stole most of his fries!

Tom yum soup for sharing. Not that fantastic but a welcoming, familiar taste that reminds me of Asian food.

My Nasi ayam Lalapan (fried chicken) served with belachan chilli..this is totally yummy and I had the boy stealing my food the entire time. Crispy chicken paired with fragrant rice, wonder how they cook their chicken..

Baked potato for my carbo craving. Actually, give me a baked potato anytime and I’ll be quite ready to swallow it. Somehow, it’s one of those happy food for me ever since I was a kid.

Ku de ta Bali – the luxurious place to be in seminyak, Bali.

Haha, just had to do the touristy thing when I’m there! Taking a picture with the Kudeta signboard!

Love this big tree filled with lighted hearts that were all swaying to the breeze! So cute and pretty!

I would have star-jumped if der allowed me to!

We had initially wanted to do dinner here but was too full from our lunch to do so.. was going to attempt drinks but decided against it since we were so so bloated still and spent our time strolling in the quaint surroundings of the beach instead.

Lovely kite! It was sucha pretty sight that der and me spent about an hour simply watching the kite fly and half deciding if we should buy and bring it home. We struggled between ourselves and I decided to get it eventually for the boy (with his money since I didn’t bring any rupiah with me.. And whatever I had was given by him), so I bought him the kite with his money! Brilliant right?

We were initially quoted 300,000 rupiah (close to s$50) for the kite but all I was willing to pay was 100,000 rupiah (around $15).. So I slowly walked away with a smile. There’s NO way I’m gonna pay that much for a kite, besides.. I read online that you should always bargain in Indonesia and 1/3 of the price is a good starting point. I mean.. Eventually, you are supposed to meet somewhere in between but all I was willing to pay was just 1/3 so I didn’t waste my time bargaining. The guy offered me the smaller version but I politely declined and walked away, disappointed but not showing it. He eventually called me back and boy, I was thrilled and got the kite as a birthday present for the boy!! Anyway, the kite’s really huge that I couldn’t check in or fit it within the cabin storage space, but luckily I was seated by the window so I had it slotted beside me on the flight back.

The beach.. It was calming just standing in the middle of nowhere, not moving, not talking and just soaking in the atmosphere around us and enjoying the sea breeze, holding hands and enjoying the quiet company, people watching. The kids were surfing, there were joggers around with their dogs, tourists with their kites flying in the sky, the local peddlers peddling their wares, from watches to shawls, to towels, kites to food and children playing with the sand. It wasn’t the most beautiful beach that I have ever been, but it was one relaxing moment that I truly enjoyed, slowly watching the sun set before our eyes…

Self shot, but pardon my messy hair.. The breeze was just too strong.

Another attempt but my iPhone camera sucked with the strong sunlight in the background.

A shot of the boy holding the huge villa brolly because it was drizzling when we stepped out earlier. His hair was quite a mess.. Like a coconut head. Hee.


Ku de ta from the beach.

Another shot.. Its a pity that we didn’t get to chill there.

The beach stretches on and on.. It was quite a challenge walking on the sand because it was soft and steep at some areas so you’ll find yourself ‘sinking’.. We plonked ourselves on the deck benches (from some hotel) and spent the rest of the evening talking about our lives, musing about things around us, just chit-chatting and cloud watching.. (the rain was threatening to spit on us anytime). The dark clouds were just looming above us, and in the far distance out in the ocean, some parts of it were raining..

Der enjoying the quiet moment..

Our havaianas! My newest pair that’s branded (from bassike) and a christmas present from my bosses and his from aussieland.. Sweet memories thinking about havaianas because it was him who got me started on my first pair many years back when it was so cheap (I got mine like for under $20?), and these days the prices are like so much steeper!

Without realizing, the sun set and it was getting dark and cold.. So we strolled down the beach in the direction of our hotel..

Somewhere down the beach, I spotted this interesting signage that says – no swimming or sunbathing is allowed at this stretch of the beach as it is sacred land and dedicated to hindu religious ceremonies.. And there are 2 huge umbrellas indicating the start/end of the stretch. How interesting.

The living room is apparently this famous restaurant will nice ambience with luxurious pricing. The whole reason for this picture is that it’s located at the entrance of the road leading to my villa and I had to pass by it every single time I step out. We didn’t try because I read reviews that the service wasn’t fantastic and seriously, with the s$500 that der brought along for the trip.. We had to watch our spending.. Besides, there was just no good chance to dine there as we are usually out and about in the evenings and this place only opens for dinner.

Another shot of the entrance. We ended the day watching DVDs and eating cup noodles in the comfort of our villa.. And as routines, swatting mozzies before we head off to bed.

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