Day 3 of Spain vacation.

We left Barcelona and headed for a day trip in Valencia and ended up in Alicante in the evenings. A totally long day on the roads, but interesting nonetheless.

I’m in my usual cheeky moods in the morning at breakfast – trying to do stunts with my french loaf.

– Trying swallow it at one go.

– created my own cherie-inspired montserrat from what we saw the day before.

– Trying to be a bunny girl with french loaf ears.

Went to the Valencia Central Market and i think that was where i learned about the term “siesta” culture in Spain. They stop working at lunch and head home for a meal and a nap! Life in spain sounds pretty cool!

Bull ring in Valencia City Center is another eye-opener. Although we didnt have the chance to catch an actual bull fight, the bull ring looks pretty majestic and bustling with people checking and buying tickets. i think i wouldn’t bear the thought of watching one.. i cringe at the thought of it – the bull killing or the matador potentially getting hurt.

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There is also the “dry” river in valencia – the Turia River. After a catastrophic flood in the 1950s, the river is diverted to skirt the city instead. The old riverbed is converted to a verdant sunken park that allows cyclists and pedestrians to traverse much of the city without the use of roads.  Pretty cool!

The tour guide also showed us the most expensive “flower-laden” bridge where the government spends loads of money to change out the flowers every season. Valencia is also a city that still bears traces of Napoleon’s attacks with buildings spotting the damage – bullet holes in the walls of buildings in the city.

We also checked out a series of really interesting buildings – the city of arts and sciences of valencia. There are several buildings within the premises and at night, the water pools surrounding the buildings create mirror reflections of the buildings. There is supposed to be a giant eye (main building) and a skeleton of a whale.

One of the areas is L’Umbracle, a landscaped walk with plant species indigenous to Valencia such as rockrose, lentisca, romero and lavander, just to name a few. There is also an oceanarium (didnt have the chance/time to check it out) and an opera house & performing arts centre.

Very much an eye opener and i really like the architecture of the place – very white, clean lines all over!

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Popped by Virgin Square in Valencia or also known as Plaza de la Virgen. Beautiful fountain, but stained with loads of bird shit! heh. I guess its a common problem with all fountains around the world.

Random but i really love the cute things available in kukuxumusu. Very quirky and cute.

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Ended the day in Alicante, which is the capital of Costa Blanca and our hotel has a totally cool sea view that’s less than 100m away!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed reading or viewing the pictures!