i have a love for marine life. my mum used to spend all day watching the fishes in our home aquarium when i was a kid because observing them has a calming effect and i totally agree. i remember i used to like going to changi airport as a kid and watch all the fishes in the huge aquariums for hours and hours at the arrival halls. while the aquariums have long been gone, but i do have very fond memories of them up till today and i’m sure many of you would agree with me.

so, as i grew older and started to travel, i would often visit aquariums if there is one within the area. so far, i have been to our own underwater world in sentosa, sea world in san diego and orlando, seattle aquarium, and HK’s ocean park and when i was in melbourne, there is absolutely no way i would give the aquarium a miss.

from flinders train station, we took a stroll over to the aquarium.

street signs leading to the aquarium

at the entrance!

a “how do you measure up?” signage at the entrance, depicting the various lengths of the sharks’ species. i am a whiskery shark.

journeying into the aquarium..

is this a cow or a fish?

hammerhead shark. fake one of cos.

aquarium of corals.

plane crash. i can’t quite remember but i think this was a plane crash scenario with piranhas in the “sea bed” below the plane. (please do correct me if im wrong if you do know what this is).

fishes in the small tanks.


lion fish.

checking out the marine life from the bottom. I love this shot with the huge ass stingray right behind my uncle.

my shot with the stingray didnt look that good. which reminds me of a little trivia. Every time i travel with my uncle, we’ll swap our cameras around to shoot so that we’ll have most of our own pictures in our own cameras instead and we are constantly in a little competition in ‘who takes the best photos’ all the time! and i guess i definitely won here. LOL. (and yes, i used to shoot with a nikon and i’m kinda ashamed im relying so much on my phone camera now)

the school of fishes swimming.

the fishes looks pretty huge in comparison to me!

ok. they looked pretty huge ass in comparison to my uncle as well.

and my uncle opposite me in the tank.

in the tunnel with the sharks above me.

while the aquarium isn’t very huge, the fishes still do leave me in awe. if i could spare all the time in the world, you’ll be pretty sure i’ll be sitting around observing the fishes. but alas, we have other places in mind to visit so we didnt really spend a lot of time in there.

fooling around with the sharks.


i got bitten!

Ok. cam whore sesh with the stuffed toys actually.

nemo! ok, clown fish.

with a seal pup. my face looked kinda swollen here. bad angle i guess.

my aunt with the penguins!

I was merely trying to mimic and relate our philips island adventure to my uncle who wasn’t with us (he joined us a day later) albeit a bit tak-glam (unglamorous)

nemo the movie really played up the presence of the clown fish!

even my uncle is sucked into it… lol.

not sure what my aunt was holding here. looks like a baby turtle although i can’t see the body at all.

pretty fish plates!

i thought this towel was pretty cute.

that ended our visit at the aquarium in melbourne and yes, i know we have the new S.E.A aquarium now and i have been bugging the hubby for months to make a trip there! Can’t wait!

You can also read my earlier entries on melbourne. more entries coming up……soon! the long weekend is here and i’m just gonna chill a little (on this blog) and spend some family time together with my boys. here’s to a good long weekend!