Weird that I am finishing up my babymoon episode faster than the honeymoon episodes because the Europe trip has many more days to go and there’s just too many details because we were out and about everywhere and it takes a while to write while the bali trip has been nothing but food (dining in bali), eat, sleep and swim.

On our last full day in Bali, we headed for lunch at wah wah burger, a restaurant that serves wagyu beef burgers and apparently is one of the most expensive burgers available or that many people has eaten. I do agree with the price tag (that’s it’s exorbitant)!

That’s the menu..

Unfortunately, no wine for me.

The restaurant had simple chino-chic decorations that simple and loud at a corner while the rest of the shop looked like a simple western restaurant that’s good for chilling out. A part of the shop is also dedicated to merchandising that features full leather bags and some really cool (but expensive) accessories. I almost wanted to buy a clutch bag but figured it’s not worth the money especially when I don’t use a clutch much.

Complimentary crackers before the meal..

The boy had beer and I asked for a lychee freeze. The lychee freeze had more mint taste than the lychees. It was very refreshing, but I was a tad disappointed because I’m such big fan of lychees.

I couldn’t eat any of the burgers (because beef needs to be half raw to be delicious, so I skipped that entire section of menu and concentrated on what I could eat..). Fried rice was only one of the 2 options available. So, presenting my wagyu beef fried rice! Portion was very small and this cost about s$30+?

It was the size of a big jelly cup and hardly enough to fill.. Taste wise.. nothing fantastic to shout about and I figured that even before I ordered since this is not a signature dish..

I ordered potato salad as a side but it was too peppery in my opinion. I’m not a fan of pepper (usually don’t even put them in my soups) so this was major turn-off for me, but taste wise (without my prejudiced about pepper) was alright. You’ll love this if you are a pepper fan!

The boy’s wagyu beef foie gras burger. We made a big boo boo (actually the boy) because he so wanted to eat foie gras that he forgotten that all the burgers come with a wagyu beef patty. He cannot take beef due to religious purposes so, we were kinda stuck when this came cooked medium.

We stared at each other for a good 10secs before we actually asked each other what we gonna do!! In the end, I extracted out the beef patty, requested the kitchen to help me cook just that to well done and the boy ate the burger without the patty! The foie gras were good, but no where in comparison to the ones we had in Paris (but of cos) and the beef patty actually tasted horrible when it’s well done because it was dry and crumbly, which was kinda expected but I could only eat well done stuff. And that little burger cost us s$50+! Not worth the moolah in my opinion, but the burgers comes in 3 sizes actually. They have 3 mini burgers version which is just nice for 3 bites, and mostly for sampling purposes. That cost about s$36+ if my memory didn’t fail me. We had the medium sized one, which is slightly smaller than our usual mos burgers in Singapore and there’s another bigger serving available. Cannot remember the grammage of that though.

The owner is a shanghainese who worked in hong kong and one other place (I can’t remember where) before popping into Bali to open this restaurant. He saw me snapping pictures of the food so came up to us to chat..

View of restaurant from across the street..

The story of wah wah burger is printed on the back page of the menu. I didn’t even read this till the chat with the owner ended and der was telling me.. So the story is true! And I went.. What story?! Lol. Had to ask the waitress for the menu again to snap this.

Location: Jl. Laksmana No. 11A, Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia
Sungai Bali, Indonesia

We headed back to the villa to rest thereafter. We pretty much explored the entire seminyak on foot and weren’t adventurous to go anywhere else. We just spent the rest of the day doing some light packing and watching more DVDs.

Dinner/supper is at a cosy tea nook that we accidentally chanced upon. Funny how we missed it on the first night else, I would have spent all my breakfast time here!

Biku bali tea house is a lounge, restaurant, book shop, antiques shop, tea house and a really cosy place to chill. They serve a wide variety of teas ranging from English, Japanese, Chinese and do really observe the rituals of tea making making it a rather memorable experience. There is also a wide variety of food choices, local, western, vietnamese as well as many pretty and yummy looking cakes available for your selection. The wait staff were all very friendly as well and one of them used to work in a restaurant in Singapore’s novena square. While we were there, the owner was chilling in her own restaurant with a MacBook and were very attentive to our needs, so it was really really pleasant!

Menu with facts about tea and stories of tea time.

We had high tea (they serve all day high tea, subjected to food items running out) so while we were there at 9plus in the evening, we managed to taste it, at a very reasonable price too! We each get to select our own pot of tea and have 9 different small bites each.., and they ain’t exactly small!

See that multi-tier tray? Our food really came like that but a smaller version..

Fresh flowers and oil lamp as table decoration.

Ambience of restaurant.

The cakes selection available. These are huge slices! I wanted to try but was way too full to even attempt after my meal.. A lot of the tourists pop in to get a slice or two to go.

Dainty tableware.

Restaurant has free wifi! You can chill there for as long as you like with your laptop/iPhone..

Salak poached in cinnamon and star anise. This is served cold and a tad weird for my taste buds because I don’t really like cinnamon, plus it’s rather sweet!

My fragrant jasmine green tea.. I know I’m not really supposed to drink tea but the boy just indulges in me seeing how pukey I was in the last few days in Bali. I could hardly keep anything down!

The boy’s Chinese tea.. Can’t remember if he chose wu long or something else.. But they actually do the whole tea works (茶道) and I was really quite impressed!

Unfortunately, my pictures don’t quite do the ‘tea ceremony’ justice here.

Layers and layers of food on the 2 tier tray..


Seriously, both der and me couldn’t finish all that food plus because I was rather unwell, I was avoiding quite a number of them and ordered something else to eat!

Somehow, I had this mee goreng craving right that moment.. Was thinking of those mee goreng that we can easily eat back here in Singapore so I ordered one.. But it turned out quite different!

The taste wasn’t what I was expecting, but tasty nonetheless. The chilli was really nice and hot but it was a tad oily for my queasy stomach so I didnt survive through the entire plate and surrendered at half plate.

We ended the night with a stroll back to the villa with the resolution to pop back the next morning for breakfast, but we were too tired and woke too late to even manage that before we had to quickly pack up and scramble to the airport.

There, my entire experience of Bali, revolving around just food, the sun, the pool, the villa and just us. Ok. Mostly all about dining in Bali. I did wish we had a longer time together.. It sure did both of us good to be away from work and just relaxing! It’ll be a long long time to come before we can attempt something like that again… Or maybe, never again? We just might have to lug the kiddo with us the next time..


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