taking a break from the sydney trip, i’m gonna launch into another country US state that i visited but never got round to blogging about. Also, i think i’m gonna make it a point to do a #flashbackfriday post every friday because i do have a lot of outdated stuff that i want to talk about!

So yup. Illinois. For the longest time, i kept telling people i went to chicago, but the truth is… i landed in Chicago O’Hare International Airport and zipped out of the place in under an hour. i only saw the chicago airport and some streets. nothing else.

I spent the most of my time in vernon hills (illinois), stayed at my friend’s service apartment and did a day trip to milwaukee (wisconsin) to visit the public museum and also went to the outlets for shopping and that’s pretty much it!

And i think back then, i was very narcissistic and either took closed up pictures of my face or just the scenery.. hardly any pictures of the surroundings and me! OOps. so here’s some shots, that i managed to find that could tell some bits of the story.

dinosaur bones at milwaukee public museum
dinosaur bones or dinosaur fossils, at milwaukee public museum.
upclose experience with butterflies
I got into a butterfly enclosure, and the experience was pretty fantastic. I think it remains one of my best experience ever with butterflies because of the variety and the sheer sizes of the butterflies (i also couldn’t help but notice how much younger i looked).

butterfly on my finger
a little boy had this huge butterfly on his finger for like the longest time, it was just so amazing.

under belly of a grasshopper
Under belly of a grasshopper. yes, you probably figured by now that i’m pretty much a bug fanatic. does it reminds you of Hopper character in Bug’s Life?

snow-filled streets of milwaukee
Capturing the beauty of Milwaukee, with its snow-filled streets.

cherie in milwaukee
that’s me, trotting along the snow-filled streets and taking in the lovely street sights in milwaukee.

imax & planetarium in milwaukee
posing with the imax and planetarium. we wanted to catch something but couldn’t get any tickets that could accommodate our timing.

playing snooker/pool in vernon hills
i spent one of the nights chilling out at a snooker bar (but we were playing pool) with a couple of beers and it was the best feeling ever. no agenda, no rush, no where in particular to go and just 2 friends enjoying each other’s company. in all honesty, i kinda miss the carefree feeling once it a while. 🙂

p.s. i never knew that one needs a US id to get into one of those snooker bars. thankfully, i had a US driver license else we would have made a wasted trip there!

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