I never completed journaling down my south africa trip from 4 years ago. the last i checked… my last entry was at day 6 of the trip… and i had to stop cos i was going to be late for a flight to orlando.

ahhhh.. orlando. a trip that i never got round to blogging about at all. maybe i’ll do that for the next flash back friday instead. i totally miss travelling pre-kids. you know, the luxury of dropping everything and flying last minute? the thrill of not knowing where i’ll be and what’s my next travel destination. adhoc travels used to my kind of thing, i realised.

still, not lamenting. I love my life now and i’m not trading anything else for it, but one can live in wonderful memories right? and lust. lusting for more travels. heh.

victoria falls
Victoria Falls.
if you don’t already know, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and it’s like a creek that separates 2 countries – zimbabwe and zambia. there’s beauty to the place whether its viewed from the zambia side or the zimbabwe side, and it’s really interesting to cross a country to see the other side.

From the sky high above, the waterfall goes into a zig-zag formation and stretches for kilometres, which is why it is the largest waterfall in the world.

exploring victoria falls
trekking along victoria falls.
we spent our days trekking along all the nooks and crevices of the waterfalls, bumping into wild animals randomly and i never felt as close to nature as i was there. like, wild elephants bathing themselves in the fall? pretty amazing experience if you ask me. at some point, i wanted to jump into the water and immerse myself in the cool, refreshing water. I did dip my toes and feet though! and jump around stones and trying to take a picture like i could stand on the water.

mesmerized by the beauty of victoria falls
this was a self timer shot – i perched my dslr on that thin railing… (honestly, what was i thinking then?!)
and yup, i’ll share more when i dig out more pictures another day. and here’s a video of me going on a helicopter ride.

video of us, going on a helicopter ride at victoria falls. the video actually shows how the falls look like from the sky.
its so beautiful – loads of rainbows all over from the mist and the sun rays. and that’s semi circle white thing that you see there, it’s the only luxury hotel in the area (where i stayed) and we kinda got confined together with wild animals like zebra, giraffes etc. i almost got kicked by a zebra one day cos i was trying to take a picture and i think he felt threatened. my aunt freaked out at night cos she thought she was being followed but it was a zebra trotting behind her. fun, is really an understatement. amazing, amazing experience. want to get back there some day.


will try blogging again soon. in a separate note, it has been a hectic week and i’m glad to announce that Jerry has since been discharged from the hospital (as of yesterday) but we are only sending him back to school next tuesday. the hospital bill is horrendous (swaying close to 5 digits) and i’m so glad for insurance (i hope we can claim everything) and i’ll blog about the ordeal that he went through (or the torture that daddy and mummy went through while he was in hospital). thank you all for the well wishes and blessings, and i am once again, reminded that how loved we are by our friends and family.

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